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Like to create coziness at home and interested in interior design? Always wanted to design your own home? We have a tempting offer, but as in life, often have to make a choice. To equip the Laundry or the garage? To make the kitchen bigger or to leave the place under a spacious bedroom? Take a Jacuzzi bath or to provide a cat Playhouse? Or, to use the services of a roofer and a designer at the same time? Only you can decide – You are building your dream house, and you decide what to fill it from the basement to the roof!

Настольная Игра В Слова Начитанный Человек

a Board game of “House” – fun and cute Board game for 2-4 players on the construction of your home. Select cards of tools, furniture, rooms and make sure that the best has not got opponents. Place the card in your house so that the rooms have enough space, and the piano was in the living room, not in the bushes outside. To get bonus points for convenience, ensure that every floor of the bathroom, raking in the garage place under a new car, and next to the kitchen, arrange pantry. And let your house be the most cozy and comfortable!

to the players is a tablet with cell cards in two rows. In the top row are the resource cards and the bottom card rooms. In addition, each player receives a tablet with the layout of the house. The house consists of three floors and the roof. Your task – to build the house of your dreams and earn the most victory points. This is done through the effective construction of the rooms, the location of the various interior items, etc.

In his turn, the player must choose one of five columns with the gaming tablet.

the Game lasts twelve rounds, and the mechanics are extremely simple and straightforward. Select the first player and the round begins with it. In his turn, the player must choose one of five columns with the gaming tablet. Thus, a player may choose to two cards – card resources and rooms. The same action is repeated the other players. The left-most column offers only one room card, but the player who chooses him will get a token the first player in the next round, he will first select a column of cards. In each round, all cards are updated.

Getting cards, you need to implement them. Card rooms can be placed only on the second and third floors, this room should not be free cells. Maps of basement and roof are in special cells. In extreme cases, when the room nowhere to put, the card can be placed face down as an empty room. Unfortunately, it points you will not.

Round after round, the players build new rooms, expanding them to get more points, using map tools, stocking assistants and so until then while all players will not be 12 rooms!

the Game ends at the moment when out of cards in the stacks. Scoring takes place and the winner is the player with the most victory points! Points can be awarded for:

– Room and extension – points are given for the number of card rooms. For example, a garage of one card brings 0 points, but two cards – as many as 4
Roof – all roof-maps that you’ve been putting off during the party, shall be opened at the end of the game. You can choose four cards to form the roof of the house. If all the cards are the same color, you will receive 8 points. If you can raise the roof of the four different colors, you get 3 points. In addition, completed the roof of the map with Windows add you one additional point
– The decor – the different items in the rooms (for example, bed for the bedroom) also add points, and if you have an assistant designer, he will add one additional point for each subject
– The convenience of the house, you can receive 3 bonus points on two occasions, if you house has a bedroom, bathroom and kitchen, or in the presence of a bath on the second and third floors
Bonuses assistants – these cards offer unique abilities in the game. For example, the courier allows you to take one card from discard pile and replace one of their rooms, and the architect will add points for the convenience of the house.

Buy Family Board Game Is The Right Game Japanese House Prices In Moscow

a Board game called “Japanese house” is a three – dimensional designer, who continues the ancient tradition of Japanese construction. Using special cards, players construct a multistoried building paper, competing in the speed and strength of buildings. Depending on the number of participants and the mode selected, the “Japanese house” can be as loud competition in agility and meditative exercise that requires full concentration. In “Japanese house” cards of four types: two types of walls and ceilings. Hecky is a wall of normal size, slightly wider classic playing cards. They are images and are numbered from 1 to 4, but these numbers have meaning only in certain game modes. Gaman – wall twice hecky. They also found a different picture, however, all human marked with zeros. Overlap called anagha, they are too small, like the size hecky and large, the size of human. In anagua made fold-stops-simagu, which do not allow the walls to part. The simplest construction of a module called caricoa: two hecky, put a “tent” to the small aigae. However, most often used in the construction of KEDO or two perpendicular of the “shelter” on the big aigae. If you set with each other a few KEDO, and to crown their karegeya, you get an elegant tower, reminiscent of the classic Japanese castles. The policy contains 11 versions of the game, however their variety is limited only by your imagination. Some options offer to each participant to build a tower for a particular project: a height of six, seven, eight, or even ten floors. The winner is the one who will do it faster than the others. In other game modes is more important not speed, but accuracy. For example, players build houses with a height of not less than three floors, and then together start to shake the table: one whose construction destroyed the last, is the winner. There are also options of free creativity, where each party is constructing the building at its own discretion, and its value is determined by the number of used elements and the height of the building. If you want you can not build anything, but rather to clean up the mess: the players poured on the table a pile hecky, set a top a few karegeya and pull one card from the pile, trying not to drop the “shalashika”. And of course, you are entitled with no one to compete, but just to build a large and beautiful Japanese castle, together or alone. “The Japanese house” is a peaceful and beautiful creative game that will suit a family and kids. It teaches patience, calmness, concentration, as well as the ability to create beauty from ordinary pieces of cardboard.
“family Board game the game RightThe Japanese house” is, unfortunately, currently not available to purchase. Sign up for notification and we will inform the price in online stores, when the product is back in stock.

Board Game Life Style Pandemic

Board game “Pandemic” 2,050 R.

1,820 R. Pandemic this cooperative role-playing game in which Players must work together rather than compete against each other.
Table 5.0 the lifestyle Pandemic (Pandemic) (Rus.) (91103) – buy a 5.0.

☎: (044) 537-02-22, 0-800-303-344.

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Operational delivery Warranty 5.0 ☑ Best price $
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Price 931 UAH. Shipping. ★ Description, features, reviews and photos in the directory.

Board game Life-Style Pandemic. 5.0 game Pandemic – reissue 5.0 already adventure 2008, has gained popularity all over the world.

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you can Buy Board game lifestyle ‘Pandemic’ 5.0 : 5.0, and Kiev – will deliver directly to hand. Quality assurance, real pictures, videos and reviews.

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the Style of Life Board game Pandemic – features, photos & reviews 5.0.

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the Fall of Rome (Pandemic: 5.0 of Rome) – buy on ROZETKA. ☎: (044) 537-02-22, 0-800-303-344.
“Lifestyle” – a publisher of Board games and wholesale company, your 5.0 Board game we released in 2007.

to Buy a 5.0 5.0 game Life Style Pandemic” in the online store Housegame.
The new version is bright, improved mechanics and the emergence of more complex storylines.
The action revolves around a virus outbreak that is capable 5.0 5.0 earth all of humanity.
Product description Board game Pandemic is a reprint of an already existing adventure 2008, has gained popularity around the 5.0 />New version is bright, improved mechanics and the emergence of more complex storylines.
The action revolves around a viral epidemic that could wipe off the face of the earth 5.0 of humanity.
5.0 General game Pandemic Participants act in the role of outcast scientists, preventing the spread of deadly viruses and developing vaccines and drugs.
They are in the guise of specialists of a particular profile.
A distinctive feature of the 5.0 game Pandemic is to work in a team.
There is no need to compete 5.0 friends, earn individual points and bonuses.
Win one for all – the salvation of the people, and losing promises a massive loss.
The game has complex mechanics, which confirms the age limit of 10 years.
The process involved a huge number of game elements, among which are the event cards and action tokens, dice chips a lot more.
Harnessing the full functionality of the Board game Pandemic requires a lot of time and careful study of the instructions.
I am glad that the developers have tried to help users by creating a special map with clues.
The passing game Pandemic Near laid out on the table field tokens are placed stations of the something Table lamp, Citilux Newton CL803051 well cubes diseases.
Markers of outbreaks and spread of disease, map infection and colored vials of drugs are set on the respective icons.
From the deck of the diseases opens 3 cards which is 5.0, in which cities to place the cubes infections in 3 pieces of different colors.
The action is repeated 3 times, with the exception of the number of markers of infections per point 3, 2 and 1 CC respectively.
Each participant is given a hint and map roles after that, 5.0 2, 3, or 4 playing cards depends on the number of players.
Next, select game difficulty which determines the number of diseases in the common deck.
The passing game Pandemic begins in Atlanta where to install all chips participants and 1 chip station.
Each turn consists of several actions, allowing you to move around, to build stations, to invent a Batch laminator DSB So, cure disease etc
The most dangerous while taking cards from the pack is the appearance of the epidemic.
It can hit to read more on a specific point, cause infecting neighboring regionsincrease the concentration and variety of cubes with infections.
About the inevitable losing streak shows the cursor flashes to the drawing of “skull bones 5.0” or placement of all blocks infections of at least one color on the playing field.
Victory is awarded in the case of the invention of all 4 drugs.
The advantages of the game process, At first glance, the development of dozens of rules from the user seems impossible.
However, in the process of combating viruses, the understanding comes himself.
New version of the game Pandemic you can buy in our online store.
It is full of dangers and unexpected turns of events.
The complexity of the process only to intensify the involvement of players, the Cord of them a strong team professional 5.0 />a Complete review of the game in video format available on our website at the end of the description.
The set in the set in Addition to the instructions and the playing field in a box includes: 48 maps of towns and the same number of infections, 4 personal tips, 5 card roles and 5 chips players.
While unpacking the game Pandemic, to buy which you can immediately after watching the video review, is attentive to the preservation of 5.0 items.
The kit 5.0 96 cubes of diseases, 6 tiles stations 1 level marker of infection, 4 double-sided marker vaccines, the marker 1 breakthrough infection and 6 analogues of General direction.
Get ready to extract 59 game cards, 5 role cards, the same number of special events and 6 special cards of the epidemic.
The magazine “World of fiction” – great, lots of fascinating articles just to continue the fiction, Board game and not .

Testing Board Games Face (The Guild Of Developers Of Board Games)

a Fantastic Board game “Trappers”. Author Pavel Belyaev.

the Website of the game: Group games:

the Player – one of the trappers – have to build the factories and cities, to conduct diplomacy with the clans, complete quests, attack settlements, to attack rivals and all this in the distinctive atmospheric fantasy world.

Dreaming Of Настольная Игра Ужас Аркхэма

2. Board game “Labyrinth of mirrors”. The Author – Yury Yamshchikov.

Selecting the desired sequence of portals and mirrors, you can get to seemingly unreachable corners of the maze and grab the treasure from under the nose of rivals.

3. Board game BierDeckel Wars. Author – Basil Radinsky.

This is a dueling Board game on beer coasters. Every night magical characters meet in a bar and having a battle wall to wall.

Want To Step Up Your Настольная Игра Уно Правила? You Need To Read This First

4. “Mouse!”. The Author – Artem Platonov. Group games:

Настольная Игра Русское Лото Is important On your Success. Learn This To search out Out Why

the Ubiquitous mouse at night out of the burrows and gnaw priceless paintings art gallery. Players are caretakers of the gallery – are struggling with the pests and at the same time compete to see who will be able to preserve for posterity more than all the paintings. “Mouse!” – fast and fun card game for 2-4 people.

5. “Tanks Leonardo”. Author Timofey Nikulin.

Players are invited to participate in a tank battle, inspired by the sketches of the Renaissance genius.

About the community Faces (the Guild of developers of Board games)

the Main area of the Faces is a group Vkontakte ( The group regularly uploaded for feedback and testing new games, contests, publishes articles of interest to developers themes. The purpose of the existence of Edges – creating a professional environment to help authors to do more interesting and high-quality Board games. At the regular meetings in St. Petersburg, Moscow, Ekaterinburg, and soon in Minsk, you can test the game live, receive and give advice, to share news and just chat with colleagues in the profession. The Guild is open to new ideas and willing to support other constructive ways of interaction.

Buy Star Wars: X-Wing In Nizhny Novgorod

Star Wars: X-Wing is a new tactical Board game with miniatures, where players take on the role of commanders of squadrons of ships from the universe of “Star Wars”. The Board game “Star Wars: X-Wing” (X-Wing) was first released by Fantasy Flight Games (FFG) in September 2012 and instantly became incredibly popular! Of course, this achievement is not only long-known movies “Star wars”, but very simple rules of the game, as well as beautiful models of star ships. Any fan of “Star Wars” is simply obliged to have on the shelf model starship, be it the Millennium Falcon Chewbacca and Han Solo, “Slave I” Bobby fetta or “X-Wing” Luke Skywalker. And if they still play – it’s great!

Star Wars: X-Wing – Dice Pack
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Star Wars: X-Wing – T-70 X-Wing
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Star Wars: X-Wing – X-Wing (Russian)
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Настольная Игра Лабиринт

Large selection of ships, and various pilots, equipment and weapons allows you to build your own unique squadron is not like someone else’s. Several times a year, Fantasy Flight Games produces several ships to meet the demand of Star Wars fans.

Five The reason why Having An excellent Настольная Игра Время Приключений Isn’t Sufficient

get to know the game rules and play their game let starter kits “Star Wars: X-Wing”. We recommend you to buy any starter set “Star Wars: X-Wing”, as only they contain the accessories (rulers, cards, maneuver templates, various markers and tokens) that will be needed for games with other miniatures “Star Wars: X-Wing”. These kits contain everything needed to play: rules, description of missions, ships and game attributes.

In the Board game “Star Wars: X-Wing” are three factions: galactic Empire (Galactic Empire), the Rebel Alliance (Rebel Alliance) and bad guys and the Pirates (Scum & Villainy). The starships are in the form of sets of extensions (ExpansionPack). In these expansion sets is one or occasionally a few ships, disc maneuvers, cards, pilots and upgrade cards (ship, equipment or crew).

Also in the range of “Star Wars: X-Wing” represented by heavy transport ships, which left a noticeable trace in the history of the universe of “Star wars”.

the Board game “Star Wars: X-Wing” is available in English (most models), and Russian (few models), including a Starter set of “Star Wars: X-Wing”. So pay attention when ordering. Also, the release of the 7th film “Star wars: the force awakens” company FFG has released a new starter set “The Force Awakens Core Set”.

Настольная Игра Джуманджи Made Simple – Even Your Kids Can Do It

you can Buy “Star Wars: X-Wing” in Nizhny Novgorod in the club store Citadel or order on our website. Join in Nizhny Novgorod a group of fans of the game “Star Wars: X-Wing” Vkontakte, ask questions and stay tuned.

Настольная Игра Коварный Лис: A list of 11 Things That’ll Put You In a superb Mood

the Board game “Star Wars: X-Wing” brand new, but has already entered the top three world games. Worldwide tournaments and competitions. You should come too!

the fate of the galaxy depends on you, pilot! And may the Force be with you!

How To Play Bingo: The Rules Of The Game For Money At Home

Loto with barrels – gambling and addictive Board game for home. It helps to relax, unwind, have fun with family and friends. The birthplace of the game is the Italian city of Genoa. Seems fun in the XVI century. The word lotto means “fate” or “lottery”. How to play Lotto at home?

Never Lose Your Настольная Игра Plague Inc Again

what is the game
The rules of the game
Legend of numbers
Baby bingo
What is in the game

set for the game of bingo consists of the following items:

– 90 barrels with numbers. The barrels are made from wood. At the end are the numbers from 1 to 90.
Cardboard card. Are rectangular in shape and of medium size. Divided into 3 vertical columns of 9 cells. In each box is placed on 5 numbers in random order. The other squares are empty.
Bag made of thick fabric. The game performs the function of the hand drum. Needed to store kegs.
Chips. There are cardboard or plastic. Used for closing the same numbers.

Настольная Игра Зомби В Доме No Longer a Mystery

there are three types of lottery: a simple, short and “three for three”. The rules of each game, there are some differences. One goal – the first of all the participants to close the card or a line of barrels with corresponding numbers.


All players select three cards and lay them in front of him. Leading empties the barrels into the bag, mixes them. Then pulls out and announces to them these figures. Players must close the announced numbers on their cards. The person who completes one line of chips, loudly pronounces the word-combination “apartment.” So he alerts the other players about his impending victory. If it closes all the squares with numbers on one card, the game is over.


the Participants choose one card from the playing fields. The winner is the one who will close only one line. This game is a shortened version of a simple Lotto. It is designed for the maximum number of players (24 people).

“three for Three”

This is the most reckless kind of Lotto games. At stake are a variety of items or money. The point is that cards are purchased with money. The number of purchased cardboard cards is not limited. The funds are in the middle of the gambling table in the common Bank. Is the future winner.

Leading in turn pulls out a keg and announce the number. For each action the contents of the bag thoroughly mixed. When you close the top row, the players double the bet. The first one to fill the middle graph, has the right to take a third of the amount from the Bank. Tell the rest of the money in the cash register and continue. The winner is the player who chips the lower the number line.

legend of figures

Most of the numbers located at the end of the barrel, during games are called encoded words. They are based on folk sayings, comparisons, and important dates. It makes its own adjustments, and gives the entertainment a special charm. Many do not know the secret codes. To understand which cell to put the chip, the player will need time.

Baby bingo

a Separate kind of this game – baby bingo. The numbers in it are replaced with different themed pictures: transportation, clothing, furniture, vegetables, fruits. The rules are simple: the master pulls from a bag a card with illustrations and says, what is shown there. This object children have to find on the card.

Thanks to baby bingo baby meets the world of nature, to learn the alphabet and even a foreign language. Lotto well-developed memory, expands vocabulary, teaches communication and interpersonal skills.

how to play Lotto, you know, not every family. With the development of information technology the Board game was not so common as 20-30 years ago. However, this does not mean that it is forgotten. In many countries, bingo is still popular. The rules remain simple and unchanged.

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the Popular Board game is not just an interesting pastime for a large company.

Four Ideas For Настольная Игра Alias

Each time is a new adventure to dive into the world of the game! In all boxes, regardless of their sizes, shapes, colors, kept a small universe with its inhabitants: knights and warriors, animals and cartoon characters, geometric figures, cars, and many others.

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Our online store offers best Board games: unpredictable pategama to a thoughtful and long-term strategies, from puzzles to card games. With all the richness of the range, one thing remains unchanged – Board games for adult company always give joy and warmth of the meetings.

Have party with friends or a nice romantic evening? Your kid’s Birthday or just want to diversify the family entertainment? We have Board game for any occasion, no matter how big your company:

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– Board games for adults
– Board games for two
– Board games for kids
– Family Board game

Six Methods You’ll be able to Настольная Игра 3 В 1 With out Investing A lot Of Your Time

And yet: fascinating puzzles of different complexity levels, intellectual Board games, economic quests, educational games for preschool kids, interesting Board games for Teens and so many other things that will turn ordinary evening in friendly company in an exciting adventure, and any occasion will make a bright and memorable event!

Why Board games for the company needs to buy in online store “gaming Center”?

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Good Board games from the online store “games Center” is much more than a classy entertainment for a large company: our games allow you to broaden your horizons, develop your memory, attention, fine motor skills, imagination, spatial thinking and thousands of other skills without which it can not do in the life of modern man. For example, calculating the next move the chips on the field or thinking of cards, the brain works with the same intensity You would read a thesis on quantum physics or solved the logarithmic equation.

are You still looking for where to buy games? Online Board games store is a great place to experience a huge number of truly exciting table games and many other cool things, a place where you can find exclusive table games, carefully study the rules and photos to buy the version of the game, which will delight Your friendly and cheerful company.

To Buy Board Game Stores Hobby Games

a Board game, fully dedicated to events in Russian history, is rare. Russia usually appears in a Board game as a member of the war – the Second world war or other military conflict on a global scale. Game Michael Comingover Saint Petersburg is a pleasant exception.

Not least, during the game, no gun (and cardboard and painted) not shoot.

the year 1703. Tsar Peter the Great laid the foundations of the future capital of the great Russian Empire. Before the Governor – not an easy task to turn into a “Paris of the East” captured Swedish territory. It is not surprising that the king needed an army of talented and trained builders, engineers, administrators, and other folk serviceman.
In the game Saint Petersburg players will feel yourself in the role of builders of St. Petersburg. Driving workers, officials, aristocrats, players erect luxury theatres, libraries, Jolly pubs and bustling markets. Will the famous “Potemkin villages”. Especially clever builders can capture in the history of their names, building the Winter Palace, St. Isaac’s Cathedral, Mariinsky theatre or the Hermitage. Not least, during the game, no gun (and cardboard and painted) not shoot. The game is extremely peace-building simulator, but a gambler.

the Game mechanics of the game are very simple and will become clear in the first 10 minutes after the start. One participant – an administrator (an official in that period of history). His duties – to distribute money, move figures and over. The course is divided into several different phases, in each phase, the participants hire workers to erect the buildings themselves, are fighting for influence in aristocratic circles. At the end of each phase of the game, players receive money points (they will later hire new workers and build new buildings). The winner is the player who by the end of the game will gain the largest number of points.

If You are concerned that the boardgame Saint Petersburg You will meet the bears who sing “Kalinka-Malinka” on the balalaika, simultaneously hot refueling, then – in vain: a standard set of stereotypes about our country, fortunately, remained outside of the game. The developers-the Germans tried to convey the historical era as accurately as possible. Even in the design of the game it feels: illustrations cards aristocrats stylized old Russian Parsuna, the patterns of the playing field will evoke the thought of Russian Baroque.

To Buy Board Game “Operation Cold Heart” Online Store At The Best Price

Operation Cold Heart is a Board game based on the beloved cartoon! You will embark on a fabulous adventure, povydergivat fallen into the abyss of snowmen, and strive to disrupt the party Kristoff and Elsa, freezing all the driving up to the castle guests!

Император 3 Настольная Игра

Cheerful children’s game Operation Cold Heart will not leave indifferent neither girls nor boys, nor their parents and grandparents. Nastolka designed for different number of participants, to save a party from the failure of one can and.

Princess Anna on the nose Birthday. And her friends, Elsa along with Kristoff decided to organize a big feast. They invited guests from different parts of the Kingdom. And it would have been great if not for the snowmen, who have found unusual fun. They hide nearby in the snow and freeze everyone who rides or coming to the castle Anna.

Features table games

the Game Operation Cold Heart you can buy those who have already classic Operation (as interesting variations). Also an exciting Board game will appeal to those who have not played like the Board game.

The Importance Of Настольная Игра В Ассоциации

In the new game, Cold Heart from the manufacturer Hasbro, everything is imbued with magic. Bright, oversized box, colorful pictures and maintaining the main motive of the disney cartoon – all details are flawless and very beautiful.

Настольная Игра Нуар Secrets Revealed

Extract the figures of the niches is not so easy, no skill just will not do! We recommend you to buy the game Operation Cold Heart to train fine motor skills and the younger children up to 6 years.

Red 7 Настольная Игра Правила

complete Board game Operation Cold Heart is a magical tweezers. It need to get snowmen. If a player makes a mistake, does not detect the Joker in the tire playing field – I hear a vibrating sound, which indicates a miss!

the Playing field is plastic canvas with a hidden bottom. Inside and hide those snowmen that spoil the preparations for the celebration. If children are playing, each in his turn tries to pry the tweezers out of the slot of one of the bullies. But it should be done with extreme caution not to touch the edges. Otherwise, the field starts to vibrate, alerting you of the error.

If he heard this vibration – then accidentally touched the field! Now I have to transfer the course to another player. Passion fuels the spirit of competition, because you need to consider the pranksters collected by each participant, but you can still come up with their own additional rules.

Ruff. Compact – Internet-shop Board Games –

Ruff – is an entertaining game for all holidays and parties, because it is designed for loud fun and laughter. Ruff will allow you to diversify any meal, making indiscriminate use of drinks and salads in a fun drinking game.

Before you is a deck of cards.

the Principle is very simple: pull cards with funny tasks and execute them, and if you don’t want to drink penalty. Of course, the presence of alcohol at the table gives the game a special flavor, but you can use absolutely any drink. The main thing – to follow the rules and get the game process of the maximum enjoyment.

Настольная Игра Бизнес

Members take turns picking the card with the task and decide to perform it or not. If the player performs the task, he draws a card from the top deck of bonuses and credits points of sobriety. Otherwise, the player will have a penalty area, and his neighbor on the right is the bedroom. If the neighbor will do the same job, he will have 2 bonus, if not, the map will go to reset.

Magnificent job!

Jobs are very different: from the banal such as toast about women’s beauty with the words “deficit” and “parthenogenesis”, to send the text with funny text to a random number. During the game you will have to remember the car brand, the names of the players, to massage neighbor, bottoming shirt with a neighbor, drinking from two glasses at once, and more.


the Bonus card is your trump card that you get for the job.
Bonuses can be spent on a joke – to give a neighbor a job that will make everyone have fun from the heart, or to defend against some particularly disliked tasks.

Maps with bears

the deck is a special card with a polar bear. As soon as this card appears in the game, all must crawl under the table. Last one gets penalized and, of course, drink a penalty shot.

to gain the most points of sobriety.
However, Ruff is one of the few games where it’s not about winning, but the process itself.

For whom the game?

To process the game allowed a person 18 years or older. You can play heterosexual large company, preferably in an approximately equal number of boys and girls, to be able to sit through one.

Настольная Игра Иниш

Ruff – priceless Board game for the noisy companies and fun: simple and understandable rules, funny quests and only positive emotions!

Compact version you can take with you if you decide to play outdoors or just going to visit friends. In this edition of the game has become less and fits in your pocket. The composition of the cards is the same as in the normal version in a big box.