How To Play The Jackal: The Official Rules Of The Game The Jackal In Russian

Go pirates one cell, opening of the island. Each of the cells described in the rules – open them and see what happens in the first game.

3. You are a pirate adventure:

4. After some time the island will be almost fully understood and every time a new for a new batch.

Turn Your Настольная Игра Русское Лото Into A High Performing Machine

5. The aim of the game is to look for gold and drag it to your ship.

6. If you come to a cell with the enemy, he is beaten (send him back to his “mother” ship)

Four Incredible Настольная Игра Гарри Поттер Examples

7. Who gets the most gold wins! Protect your chests and steal the gold from the enemy!

Full rules

“the Jackal” – a strategic Board game with unique game mechanics. The secret of “the Jackal” in that the chips of the field lie in an arbitrary order, so that the game will be different each time! Cube in the game, and the result depends to a greater extent from Your logical and strategic abilities, not on luck. All this makes “the Jackal” a truly interesting and exciting game in which you want to play again and again! The game is designed for two or four players, recommended for adults and children from eight years. Duration of party is approximately 60-120 minutes.

the aim of the game is clear as day: find and drag myself to the ship as many gold coins hidden on the island. Who brought to his ship the highest number of coins wins.

How to go

First go white. Then the participants take turns in a clockwise direction. In one move is made by one of the following:


  • ship (with at least one pirate) is shifted along the shore by one cell. The ship can sail only along its part of the island. Turn the corner he can not.
  • the

  • a pirate goes from ship to shore – only to a cell directly in front of the ship.
  • the

  • pirate back on the ship (with or without extraction) with the cells right in front of the vehicle or diagonally. To return to the ship you can also use the other cells of the field: arrows, horse, balloon, etc. a Pirate can only go on your or friendly (when playing in pairs) ship: upon contact with an enemy ship pirate dies.

– by land pirate walks one square vertically, horizontally, or diagonally. If the cell is closed (turned face down), opens it and performs the action for the pattern (see the value of the cell field). Flip the unopened cell you need at random without looking under the shirt. Discover the unknown land pirate can only empty-handed (without coins). Pirate can also go open earlier cells, performing all the actions specified for them.

How to extract gold

On the verified data on this godforsaken island’s hidden treasures 16 different values. If, turning the cell of the field you found the treasure chest, put on the cage as many coins as are indicated on it (the Roman numeral). But do not rejoice too soon! Gold can be considered its only if you managed to drag him to his ship (when coin is removed from the playing field in your piggy Bank).


  • every self-respecting pirate can carry only one coin.
  • the

  • to move the coin can only open cells.

to beat the enemy, holding the gold, it is impossible. But if you really really want, you can leave the coin in place and forward on the enemy!

The Mafia Guide To Настольная Игра Гвинт

– if you are carrying a coin, hit the opponent, you go to the ship empty handed, and the load remains in place.

– swim with the coin impossible. If the pirate fell into the sea with a coin, it is sinking (out of the game). Pirate is still afloat.

What Is Your Favorite Board Game?

The ancient Board game “Senet”.

Nefertari plays


Set the Senet game from the tomb of Tutankhamun

Cool Little Настольная Игра В Ассоциации Instrument

the Chaturanga, the initial position. Color shapes on different sides of the Board was different.

The Meaning Of Настольная Игра Железная Дорога

In the eighth century in Europe and Asia, people first learned about Domino. Especially in the game of mosaic type, loved to play the Italian people.

Using Настольная Игра Фиксики Большой Секрет

British game famous is still under the name Reversi. Today, as before, love to play all the Nations of the world.

Annex 2

survey Results






what games do you play?









What is your favorite Board game?





What do you think about the benefits of Board games?

the game develops intelligence, curiosity, memory, imagination


teach patience


learn to interact in a team

join the family, friends



With whom do you usually play Board games?

mom or dad


brother or sister


a friend



Appendix 3

App 4

Rules of Board game School

Настольная Игра 10+

to Answer the questions correctly and collect as many chips as possible. With the highest number of chips wins the game.


the Playing field is divided into 7 areas (mathematics, Russian language, English language, fine arts, the surrounding world, a canteen, gym). Getting into one of the zones, the player answers the questions according to subject area. If the player has hit the area, “gym”, it goes through one cell(Jogging). If a player came to the area “Room”, he passes the course (lunch).

The Insider Secret on Настольная Игра Alias Uncovered

choose a judge by any known method (e.g., counting). The judge reads questions from the cards and checks the answers. For correct answers gives chips. The player rolls a die and moves the number of steps indicated on the die. Gets in the circle green, yellow or orange, and the judge read out the question card of the same color.

Denote colors of circles:

Green is the easiest level of questions. The player receives for a correct answer 1 chip.

Yellow – medium level questions. The player gets 2 chips.

Probably the most (and Least) Effective Ideas In Настольная Игра Loonacy

Orange – difficult level questions. The player receives 3 chips.

If the player answers incorrectly, standing on a green circle, it moves 3 squares back. If the player answers incorrectly, standing on a yellow circle, it moves 2 squares back. If the player answers incorrectly, standing on the orange circle, it moves 1 square back.

If the first player reached the finish line, he says, “the Lessons over” and all the players count the typed pieces. The player who collects the most chips.

Compact Board Game: Play The Road And On Vacation!

Just a stack of cards and a notebook. Get ready for a fascinating explanation. Hourglass leave the house and count the time on my phone. Play is not required. The weight of card 110g.

Настольная Игра Роскошь

Alias for parties (compact). More youth version. Card weight 180 grams.

Настольная Игра Распечатать

Activiti trevel. Be prepared to explain not only the unknown words, but also pantomime, and drawing and words. You will need paper and pencil for drawing. Weight 70 g.

Impromptu. I want to dream? Take Impromptu. This game is a pleasant way to relax, laugh and feel like Baron Munchausen. Trust your imagination! The game is on the road, which is absolutely not requires place. Weight along with a box of 190 gr.

Karma is a mini Board game with simple rules and dynamic gameplay from the author of the famous Set. The game will appeal to fans of fast games, where the situation is constantly changing – here you can play, even freed from all the cards. Karma is perfect for fun in the journey in the train, on the boat or beach. And fit it in a tiny metal box with a diameter of only 5.5 cm! Weight 40 gr.

In the same box hiding and playing 5 Crowns mini. Here your task – as soon as possible to get rid of the cards on hand. During the game you will have to exchange their cards in the course to collect sets of three cards with numerical and color values. Weight 40 gr.

Настольная Игра 6+

the Mafia. Tired of rampant crime, residents decide to catch all the mafia. The mafia, in turn, tends lime all decent citizens. This popular game will soon be celebrating 20 year anniversary. Very comfortable on the road: requires no special space, and the number of participants can be anyone!

Mafia (Style of Life), with color illustrations: weight 186 grams.

Photos of the party. Photos from trips make us happy then a year. So nice to remember Sunny summer days and wonderful friends close by. With this game are spectacular! The game will please you twice: first, a fun creative process and then the result. Dynamic, funny, provocative – these photos will adorn any album or get a lot of likes in social networks. Surprise your friends! Weight game with a box of 180 gr.

to Read the full review table games in the way for a large company. “

Kids, travel, and table games

to Take or not to take the trip with the kids Board games question does not arise. If parents care about their nerves – no doubt to take! While the kids play (and not noise, to the chagrin of others), you can safely eat, read, and even take a NAP!

And if a child is traveling alone, for example, in the camp, a simple and fun game will allow him to easily meet new friends. In short, children, travel and compact Board game combines with a Bang! It remains only to choose.

Настольная Игра 3д

Gobbl. All day playing a round Dobble! The rules are simple, the process is joyful and gambling – even the youngest members can play without an adult! A benefit with a quick and attentive. Ideal games on the road. Weight with box is 180 g.

Alias for kids (compact). Compact version of the popular game. The goal is to explain to other players how many words until the hourglass count down a minute. Suitable for even the youngest players, as the words are duplicated images. Don’t waste your time on the road, engage in the development of speech 🙂 the weight of the cards and Notepad 110 gr.

Cephalopods attracted to someone who gives them ridiculous names, and most importantly, remembers these names! Cephalopods themselves are so sweet and varied that it’s tempting to call them pozakovyristee. Maybe the “eared groused” or “zasypaniya podoscopy”? Will take children from morning to evening. The game comes with a convenient canvas bag with an elastic band, so take Golovanovo on the road is very convenient. Weight 190g.

meow maze. Each cat wants to find a cozy home and is ready to find it in the maze of streets. The principle of road games like everyone’s favorite Crazy Maze. Changing field, players strive to become cats way back home. Box with cards is very compact, but directly for the game will require a flat surface. Weight 100 gr.

Catan (CATAN) Catan Board Game Hobby World 1576

a Series of “Colonizers” is one of the most famous, interesting and original family Board games in the world. Worldwide fame, she received more back in 1995, when it was awarded the prestigious “Spiel des Jahres”. Since then, the game takes its place on the shelves of home and in the hearts of millions of fans of Board games. The game served as a prototype of the famous computer game “Settlers” and spawned a lot of sequels in table format.

Five Sexy Ways To enhance Your Настольная Игра Ходилка Распечатать

Live classics “Colonialists” were at the expense of original, thoughtful and friendly gameplay, in which players act as peaceful settlers, mastering the island of Catan. The gameplay is unique, but in the meantime quite simple and fascinating, making of “Colonizers” great family game! In the role of peaceful settlers who lived on the island of Catan, you will feel the real life of the colonizer: collect resources, build settlements, cities and roads, to protect themselves from the pirates, traded with neighbors.

6 Largest В Жизнь Игра Настольная Mistakes You’ll be able to Simply Keep away from

Since the release the game became a real cult and classic table in the world, received numerous awards, has been localized in more than ten languages. Original settlers of Catan so popular that exist in digital form on different platforms. To it released a few great additions, to develop the already considerable opportunities: “the Merchants and the barbarians”, “Seafarers”, “Cities and Knights”, as well as the extension for 5-6 players and different branches, there is even a version for kids!

Colonize the island of Catan and bring it to prosperity!

the Game begins with the fact that on the surface of the table appears the island of Catan. Hexes sushi together in a large hexagon at random and are numbered in a particular system is needed for later retrieval of resources. In such circumstances, from 2 to 4 colonists begin to fight for the development of the island.

8 Days To Bettering The best way You Настольная Игра Zilmer Аэрохоккей Световые Эффекты

Players begin with two roads and two settlements, and the choice of their location belongs to the player. Thus, you start with 2 victory points (FOR), the purpose of the game is simple – collect 10. Remember that City (2) occur where there are already Settlements (1), and settlements can only be built on the Road. Any construction expenditure of resources, which is never enough. Here you can gain trade – the exchange of resources is vital, because you will obtain only raw materials of certain kinds, from the lands where your settlements and cities. A hex where there is a Robber – do not brings resources… in more detail:

Настольная Игра Покорение Марса

the player always starts with the throw of two dice, adding their values to determine the hex numbers which will bring resources:all players whose Settlements are in contact with such exam will get 1 card of the corresponding resource;
out of Town players will receive 2 cards of the resource;
if the dice falls on a 7-ka, the most wealthy players (more than 7 cards) discard half of the resources , and the active player can become a Robber.

Purchasing Red 7 Настольная Игра Правила

Then the player gets the opportunity to trade on various courses:
With the pot at the rate of 4:1;
In the harbours, if you have a settlement there – at the rate of 3:1 and even 2:1;
With players on any that suits both players exchange rate.

Three Fb Pages To Follow About Настольная Игра Корни

it Comes time to spend resources. And this:
you can pave the Way to get to the best lands and establish a Settlement there;
you can build the Settlement on its way;
you can develop your village into the City;
you can buy a Map of Development that can bring additional victory points or give another advantage.

moves to the next player

the winner is the first player to earn ten victory points. Since you start with two settlements, in fact at the beginning of the game you have two victory points.

settlers of Catan is one of the most popular Board games in the world, with her familiar to every self-respecting nastolgic. It is family run and is a peaceful game that has great strategic potential. In addition, for the game you can buy add-ons, then the game will play absolutely new paints. This is a very deep, kind and interesting Board game that we personally recommend to everyone.

Strategy & RPG Games ♘ – – Page 14

the Genre of strategy games was born at the dawn of personal computers. And although in recent years the strategy inferior to the popularity of many other genres, they managed to earn the love of millions of players around the world.

Gen 7 Настольная Игра Secrets That No One Else Knows About

the History of computer strategy games started with Board games, especially logic games such as chess, go and Renju. And when the strategy has finally reached the PC and consoles, they offered users the familiar gameplay.

the Success of mircocenter, like TRS-80 and Apple II, inspired programmers to continue adapting Board games, headed by the company Strategic Simulations Inc. It paved the way for the development of many strategy and RPG games.

The New Fuss About Настольная Игра Находка Для Шпиона

This category of games has several subgenres in which the strategy, in turn, are divided into different types, and the most popular of these are the real-time strategy and turn-based strategy.

Настольная Игра 12 Лет

it is Also worth noting that for games of strategy is often developed powerful artificial intelligence, which is sometimes just impossible to beat. At the moment most are not controlled by players characters are still easy to defeat, but over time this may change. In any case, you will be no less interesting to play these games against other people in multiplayer games.

Three Reasons People Laugh About Your Настольная Игра 6 Соток Отзывы

the RPG Genre of games likewise originates from Board games, like strategy. It may also be noted that the combination of genres of strategy and RPG is one of the most successful hybrids in the history of video games, which spawned one of the most famous and immortal series Heroes of Might and Magic.

Настольная Игра 31 День

But, of course, RPGs exist as a separate genre, which today is one of the most important. The greatest influence on the emergence of computer RPG has had the famous fantasy tabletop game Dungeons & Dragons (1974). Games of this genre often love their role-playing and combat system, various studies and plot.

the Most common types of RPG games can be called RPG-narrative, RPG-sandbox and purge the dungeons. The most outstanding representatives, respectively, are a series of games Mass Effect, Fallout and Diablo. Another popular type of these games is considered a JRPG, which is almost a separate genre with its own specific set of properties.

At First Glance It Looks Complicated


Summer is now not. The mud, the heat. We are now with daughters rest in village at the grandmother. In the heat no problem. A child goes missing with her friends all day. Then to the river to swim, then walk, then bike. All business. And when raining, to do just nothing for poor children. Books read on the street will not work, TV was not an option. Remains phone. But here I against it. ‘ve bought the Board game “Master of words”. Remember we’re in a game played just on a piece of paper. And then all of the “adult” – the game field, letter tiles, podstavochki under the letters.

Настольная Игра Угадай Кто? It is simple For those who Do It Sensible

so the Board game “Master of words”. Bought at a Fixed price. Sold here in a cardboard box. Box is glossy, so glare. Board game “Master of words”

the Game

Has a compact size

Easy to take on the road

the Size is really compact and the road can take. The only hitch with the playing field. It is laminated on both sides of the sheet of paper square shape. It is solid, but badly decomposed. You need to press down with something heavy. Board game “Master of words”

I Usually press down on all four corners with all sorts of bottles with creams.

the game includes:

Playing field.

104 bones with letters.

4 stand for seed.

Rules of the game.

Bones letters small 1 x 1 cm, white. Typed letters are fine, the paint is never erased. Each bone, except for the letters is number is a value on points. Two bones with stars. They can replace any missing letter. For example, if you are missing one letter, but there is an asterisk, You can use it: to*ka (* is put instead of the letter h). For the convenience of the players there are 4 special podstavochki.

Key Pieces Of Настольные Игры 80-90 Годов

Rules are described in detail on both sides of the paper. The first game we did not get out of rules, but in the process all fit in the head and now look at him only in controversial cases.

Six Issues Everybody Is aware of About Настольная Игра Xcom That You don’t

Briefly the rules shown on the back of the box. Board game “Master of words”

the Essence of the game. Number of players 2-4 people. Each player has a special thing for bones with letters. Each player gets 7 letters, and the pedestal seats for 8 letters. We use all 8 seats on the stand. Bones are chosen at random. In order for the players chose the letters and see what you take, it is better to use cloth bag and not a transparent plastic bag.

Time Is Operating Out! Assume About These 10 Methods To alter Your Настольная Игра Престолов

the First player makes a word from the available letters. The word spread from the middle of the field horizontally or vertically. The principle of a crossword puzzle. All points are counted at the end of the game.The winner is the one who has more points.

Discover Out Now, What Do you have to Do For Fast Настольная Игра Ерш?

the Allowed words. Allowed are all words which are in a standard dictionary of the Russian language, except proper nouns, abbreviations and words that are written with a hyphen. You can literally take a dictionary and search for the proper word.

Настольная Игра Табу

Prize cells. There is a prize cells for letters and for words. If the word gets to a prize square per letter and on prize square for the word, it is necessary to add up all the bonus points for a word, and then double or triple the score for the word. At first glance it seems complicated but in the game all fit in the head on shelves.

Настольная Игра Монополия Гарри Поттер

If the player has used all tiles in one move, he gets 50 bonus points in addition to the normal points.

Board game “Master of words”

the Game is interesting. Me and the kids like it. Need to have a serious brainstorming to come up with a word from the available letters. Then the intellect and logic develop. Currently competitive is present, which is important, especially for kids. The only thing is the damn playing field, which all tries will be in the crucial moment. It is, of course, can be glued to some cardboard. But then in a way it will not take.

Board Game Russian Style 4 Fist. Crazy Lab, Cardboard Box – Yoza

Game table Russian style “4 fists. Mad laboratory”, cardboard box

Are you able to Spot The A Настольная Игра 31 День Professional?

If You need to make a purchase from the ENTITY, please register as a legal entity and make a purchase on the site. We will issue an invoice within 15 minutes! IMMEDIATELY SPECIFY WHETHER YOU ARE VAT!

5 Life-saving Tips About Настольная Игра 500 Злобных Карт 3.0

Or send a card company to us by email we will invoice for 40 minutes!


the delivery Methods for physical and legal persons:

– Self 50 p., the goods will be at the point of shipment within 2-4 working days after order confirmation at the address: Moscow, Prospekt 60-letiya Oktyabrya 9 p. 2. BC Academic.
– Delivery in Moscow service FREE.*The goods will be delivered to Your address after confirmation of your order within 1-4 working days.
– Delivery in MO + 35 R./km outside the Moscow ring road**
– Pickup and delivery in Moscow and Russia allied services, 500 p. (Tariff TK)


Business lines

3 Issues About Я Никогда Не Настольная Игра That you want… Badly

* the above shipping cost does not include additional services for the unloading and lifting to the floor.

Настольная Игра Пираты

– Description
– Product reviews
– Ask a question
– Instock

Player asks any question, the other players are betting “YES” or “NO”.

– Fascinating scientific and informative quiz for the whole family . In a playful way you will learn many surprising and little-known facts about the physical and chemical nature of objects. Complete more than 100 thematic issues: facts and fiction. The players need not only sharpness and knowledge, but the ability to bluff themselves and recognize someone else’s deception. Player asks any question, the other players are betting “YES” or “NO”. Whose bid was wrong, the player gets a penalty card “Fist”. Players can use the questions that are presented on cards, download new questions by scanning the QR code on the packaging, and also welcome to search or to come up with questions. Game-a quiz to help us think about the awesomeness of the world and will surely interest young researchers. The game is perfect for the cheerful company. The sets in this series are compatible with each other.

Brand: Russian Style

Weight: 0,136

product type: game table

package Height: 3

Length: 22.5

Category: Games

Code: 02050

Qty: PCS

Number of cards: 44

ml: 0,001656

note:: 2050

expiration date: 0

Country: RUSSIA

Packaging items: cardboard box

package Width: 16.5 cm


Russian Style

note: the

– You can ask any question about this item or the store. Our skilled professionals will help you.

Настольная Игра Для Взрослых

the Stock R-T-A Ordering 3 days
The trading hall Ordering 3 days
The remote warehouse Is available

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How To Play Monopoly: Rules Of The Game At Home

Loto with barrels is interesting, exciting and gambling Board game. Lotto helps to relax, mentally relax, spend time with loved ones and relatives.

Настольная Игра Тайное Послание

Not everyone knows, but the status of gambling Lotto received very long due to the fact that people have started to put money on the line.

In 1521, the government of the Italian Republic forbade Italians to play the Lotto because of the depravity of moral character.

But the Europeans, the ban has not stopped. 100 years later the game appeared in France. On the territory of Russia of that time became known during the existence of the Russian Empire.

This is the science behind An ideal Настольная Игра 500 Злобных Карт

But then bingo is not in demand. The wave of popularity of this fun falls on the days of the Soviet Union. In the USSR Lotto considered developing mind, memory and attention game.

Although Lotto and called the Russian, his homeland, the Italian city of Genoa. In the vastness of Italy, it appeared in the 16th century and became extremely popular among passionate and gambling and Italians.

Настольная Игра Остаться В Живых

the Name comes from the Italian language. Translated it means “destiny”, although the name is nothing beats the very essence of the game.

Three Magical Mind Methods To help you Declutter Настольная Игра Хоккей Для Детей Купить

the Rules of bingo are simple. They are easy to remember and to learn. But initially to learn how to play Russian Lotto, you should know what devices and attributes, players will have to face in the process.

table: merchandise bingo

In each box is five numbers in random order from 1 to 90. The other squares are empty.
The chips They are:


Chips are designed for the closure of the cells depicted in these figures.
Bag the Main rule of the Russian Lotto – bag, which is not x-rayed. He needed to store kegs. In the course of the game serves as a “hand drum.”

there are three kinds of game Russkoe Loto:

Simple. Rules:

Настольная Игра Онлайн

– Initially, all participants in such entertainment choose cards at will and spread them in front of him. To take more than one card is prohibited.
– All players selected host, who will pull out of the bag the barrels.
– After that, all barrels are poured into the bag, thoroughly mixed.
– Lead begins to pull the barrels and to read out the marked numbers. Players are required to close those numbers on their cards that were announced a leading.
– If a player closes one of count (lines) chips, he tells the other players the word-combination “apartment.” This combination means that the presenter has the right to pull out only one wooden barrel. If a player covers all squares with numbers on the cardboard box the game is over.

“Short”. Rules:

– Participants select cards from the playing fields. – Selected presenter, carrying the kegs and so the numbers on it.
– If the participant closes the four of the five cells in one line, he tells the other players the word-combination “apartment.” From this point the host can draw only one barrel out of the bag.
– When you close five cells with numbers on one line the player wins.

“three for Three”. Many of this kind of Russian Lotto liked due to the fact that the con games are put money. This is usually a small amount.

the Winner is meant all the winnings, or part of it depending on which line is closed.

the Funds are placed in a common Bank in the middle of the gambling table. Is the future winner.
The number of purchased cards is not limited.


Selects leading, in turn, pulled the barrels.
Wins the player who crosses the map chips of the lower row of digits.
– When closing the upper series, all members of the entertainment are required to add money into the pot.
– If one of the players closed the middle row, he is owed a winning in amount of one third of the total pot. Players zakidyvaya money in the Bank and continue to play.

it is Worth remembering that the rules of the host allowed to participate in the game. But he has no right to peep into the bag. Each time you pull the barrels are thoroughly mixed by hand.

Special language bingo

This gives a special charm to the entertainment and makes its own adjustments. Because many players may not know the secret codes so they will need time in order to understand what kind of cell is to place a chip.

Common verbal coding of numbers:

– “3” – this figure is in the language Lotto pronounced “three”.
– “11” – when dragging a eleventh barrel should say “drum sticks”.
– “13” encoding number “Baker’s dozen”.
– When removing the “18” you can safely say “the first time”.
The numeral “21” means “point”.
– “22” – word combination “geese-swans”.
– If you get “25”, we say “go again”.
– When removing the numbers “33” proclaimed the word “curls”.
– “66” means “valenki”.

table: less common encodings

General rules

All fans of such entertainment should know the General rules and standards of behavior during the game.

1. It is forbidden to peep into the bag.
2. It is forbidden to swear or foul-mouthed.
3. When closing players of the top lines in the game “three for three”, all members join the Bank, except those who have already put chips in the upper ranks of the playing field.
4. With the simultaneous closure of the upper and middle vertical graphs two players, participant, closed the middle row, are entitled to half of the winnings. The player that made all of the upper cells, gets nothing. The other players join the Bank.
5. With the simultaneous closure of the middle row in the play “three on three” there are two options:

the First option is a section of cash winnings in half between the winning participants.
The second option is the continuation of the game among the winning participants until the final victory.

Buy In Nizhny Novgorod Region Avito – Ads On The Site Avito

Board game Scrabble

TOP NASTOLKA from the company BYPLANT!

Настольная Игра 6 Букв Сканворд

★ I Think something to do with friends in the evening or on a weekend?

★ Search for popular nastolki?

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Board game “Scrabble” from BIPLANT.

If the world’s most famous word game is Scrabble, in Russia the game “Scrabble” at least not inferior to him in popularity. Essentially the games have almost no differences. The games differ by the number and value of certain letters (Scrabble tiles 25 chips more letters – you can play five, and even six of us).

Scrabble is a classic domestic linguistic game that is never boring.

Настольная Игра Ёрш

Your task – using the available letters to put on the field different words. The winner is the one who gains more points. The level of your game depends on the ability to form words, to calculate the optimal arrangement of letters on the field and some tactical skills.

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the Game Scrabble can be compared to compiling a crossword.

Scrabble is Scrabble?

Yes, although rather more correct to say that Scrabble is a Russian “Scholar”. The rules of the games are quite similar, but there are substantial differences that make the game Scrabble more strict and tense.

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Domestic set significantly cheaper products of a foreign manufacturer.

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If the rules differ slightly if you can play Scrabble by the rules “Scrable”?

Keep away from The highest 10 Настольная Игра Шерлок Холмс Отзывы Mistakes

Yes, of course. Moreover, you can quietly play Scrabble according to the rules of Scrabble.

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How And Why The Two Girls From Ekaterinburg Have Created Their Own Board Game About War

the Young Ural publishing house “Six seven” recently released his debut desktop card game “the decline of empires.” Players will be able to fight on the side of the Entente or the Central powers, radically change the course of history and along the way learn interesting facts about the war. The authors of the project of Nika Sokovnin philologist and economist Elena Fedotenko told IMC that is why for his first game chose the real historical story and shared Easter eggs and plans for the school program.

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“Sunset of Empire” – our first card Board game. Before that we already engaged nastolki, but very narrow, common in the environment of trps – type tavlei (Russian variant of the Scandinavian game “Hnefatafl” resembling a chess – approx.editor) or Yahtzee. We are not a LARP, it was just interesting to do.

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we had several ideas for making the game, but decided to stay on the subject of the First world war. Wanted to make a military game, but thought it was a Board game with a space war thousands of, world war II is also a very publicized topic. And the First world war is an interesting mix of ages as a kind of a collaboration of the XIX and XX century: on the battlefield we see the cavalry and tanks at the same time. At the same time the first British tanks the fuel was attached to the body, respectively, when hit by artillery, the machine immediately exploded. Next to these tanks sure were Marines, to pave the walkways in the trenches. That is, these tanks were helpless, but at the same time frightening for the horse, it’s interesting.

Up In Arms About Дай 5 Настольная Игра?

About fifteen years ago we began to study the issue. A large part of the game’s development consisted in the study of historical materials and the selection of units (slot unit with power; for example, a game card – approx.ed.). Each unit we selected is very long, with hot disputes, because it is impossible throughout the war to include in the game.

the Publisher of the game “Six seven” we lead together. This company outsourced: we invent ideas and then looking for designers and artists for a specific project. For “Decline of empires”, we organized a creative competition in our group, and gave a few tentative terms of reference. In the end, worked on the project two artists, Andrew Reznik and Pavel Shimansky, both from Ekaterinburg. We immediately realized that we would need about 120 different illustrations. Wanted to each picture carried the whole story, so all of reference, we wrote something about a unit.

We’ve redesigned the game from trivia to serious balancing moments. For example, there was a time when test matches the Central powers won several times in a row, we realized that they are too easy to play and counted the balance. Last edit was two weeks ago.

the Essence of the game “Decline of empires” and Walt Disney on the battlefield

the basic game is designed for two players, but can play the four in the Alliance, two by two. The actual process is a confrontation between two armies – of Entente and Central powers. Accordingly, there are two decks – green and red.

each player has hit points and three rows of the army: aviation, infantry and Navy. The number of beats next: aviation aviation infantry infantry, fleet with fleet. The goal of each battle is to destroy the life points of the enemy. The game lasts just five years, the goal is to win three out of five.

There is a simple variant of the battle – deck at the deck, and there are complications when you play with the cards events. For example, if you got a card “Christmas truce,” a series of infantry both players not involved in combat. I hope for her, and she will not help you.

Настольная Игра Престолов

the game has cards with historical figures. The choice was based not on well-known names, tried to take those who were important figures on the battlefield. For example, in the deck of the Entente is Maria Bochkareva, Alexander Kolchak, Anton Denikin. Well as Easter eggs we took in the XX century well-known personalities: for example, Walt Disney who in the war served in the ambulance or Agatha Christie, which served as a field nurse.

One batch lasts 20-30 minutes. The duration depends on how thoughtful player. There are people who simple “Fool” stretch for a long time, starting to calculate mnogohodovochki. Until the enemy decides how to go, you have work to do: unable to read card that you have on hand, to learn from them something new.

We specifically start from more or less running nastolok that our mechanic was intuitive, but at the same time, not similar to existing ones. And largely we succeeded. Recently played by Ilya Musaevym who has a blog OMGames on YouTube, and he noticed that some things are completely new and do work. For example, unit, attacking once the enemy is not deactivated and can continue to attack until it is destroyed or neutralized.

Настольная Игра 9 Букв

We know that in reality, the victory of the Entente. But in the game can defeat the Central powers. In Russia may not happen revolution. Could easily happen to draw. In our promotional video there is a phrase “the outcome of the war is in your hands”, and it is absolutely true.

Crowdfunding and the curriculum

we have 10 promo copies to bloggers for reviews. Launched crowdfunding, which is designed for large circulation – to distribute, to introduce to the masses. We hope cooperation with the shopping games – as in Yekaterinburg and other cities. Negotiating with “Piotrovsky”. In short, the destinations are many.

We got a lot of material on the subject and it is so thoughtfully summarized that the game was a kind of textbook on the First world war. And we had an idea – why not use it in schools? Perception of information is always easier in the form of a game, especially such a complicated subject as history. Teaching a lesson on the First world in the game would be more effective than just write dates on the Board. Moreover, our schools mostly teach world history, “the decline of empires” shows how it relates to foreign, and thus formed a whole picture of the world. After crowdfunding plan to apply for obrazovatelnyi grant.

Confident that the game will shoot. The plans are to release add-ons for this game fits perfectly. In the basic set, we took those whom it is impossible not to take. We have a package of unused units and real historical events that would impact on the game. Already thinking on the development of the next game in the genre of mythical horror. We now have three projects fighting for the championship, but the most important – “the decline of empires.”