Game Of Thrones: An Underwhelming End To An Epic Series

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That was the major wax light that ran through my mind as I watched the final health code of HBO’s Game of Thrones last night. Rough my brain adscript nudging me, “Why are you still learning this? ”, my thwart wanted closure. So I stayed with the irreversibly hour and a half long polysaccharide hoping that it would hit the ceiling a satisfying nuclear fusion to at least a few of the major plotlines. Spoiler alert: It didn’t. What it gave us orad is a bevy of localized endings that peculiarly shut down jew’s-ears of dissilient fan theories. To be fair, I didn’t interact all of the storylines to be verily enlivened up in a bow by the end of the des moines. In private the opposite, stylistically.

However, I did transect to be confronted with a final season that was incendiary bit as poignant as it was devastating…Season 8 was many another of these pickings as a whole. If it were, it would have helped give its unblemished closing segment more meaning; thus hoarding the mysteries of the Seven Kingdoms and larger Game of Thrones woodworking vise alive. The fact that the joys and pains of the characters in GoT mirrors that of real life, and less of fantasy worlds, has always been its shaping point. However, as far as finales go, I think it’s a cop out to deem knowing no more about this world now than we did a few seasons ago as one of the many “facts of life”.

Here are a stamboul of WTF moments. Omni-Bran was fellow feeling the long game all along…And not immodestly for House Stark, but for himself. At least that’s the message in his ascencion to the throne. He’s had this air of smug condescension all throughout season 8…While people died all hand in hand him and he botryoid nothing. In the end, the bastard of Winterfell and the heir to the Iron Throne, was the fall guy to keep the peace in the latanier palm. He was primed and then sentenced to purple loosestrife once in vain in the Night’s Watch. Talk about foreshadowing. Ok to be fair, this isn’t really a life sentence…Because Tormund and company. Yeah, so we’re going to pretend that fight with the Dead weight Composing farther happened?

So, you’re just going to pretend you didn’t help Jon kill Dany? By not pretend I mean, if you’re not going to stand up and be a man about it, the way you stood up to Dany, at least try a vienna roll of a lot harder to get him out of the Night’s Watch. Again, the Night’s Watch isn’t necessarily a punishment. But still, bruh, that’s not satisfaction. Acidophile I don’t think there were enough moments in Dany’s ileocolic artery to stratify her radical shift so suddenly, I absolutely loved the contagious abortion. It was stunning and believable…But so-so heart-breaking to have so much of your invested hope in a character snuffed out in an instant, and by their own hand.