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Board game “Pandemic” 2,050 R.

1,820 R. Pandemic this cooperative role-playing game in which Players must work together rather than compete against each other.
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Board game Life-Style Pandemic. 5.0 game Pandemic – reissue 5.0 already adventure 2008, has gained popularity all over the world.

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The new version is bright, improved mechanics and the emergence of more complex storylines.
The action revolves around a virus outbreak that is capable 5.0 5.0 earth all of humanity.
Product description Board game Pandemic is a reprint of an already existing adventure 2008, has gained popularity around the 5.0 />New version is bright, improved mechanics and the emergence of more complex storylines.
The action revolves around a viral epidemic that could wipe off the face of the earth 5.0 of humanity.
5.0 General game Pandemic Participants act in the role of outcast scientists, preventing the spread of deadly viruses and developing vaccines and drugs.
They are in the guise of specialists of a particular profile.
A distinctive feature of the 5.0 game Pandemic is to work in a team.
There is no need to compete 5.0 friends, earn individual points and bonuses.
Win one for all – the salvation of the people, and losing promises a massive loss.
The game has complex mechanics, which confirms the age limit of 10 years.
The process involved a huge number of game elements, among which are the event cards and action tokens, dice chips a lot more.
Harnessing the full functionality of the Board game Pandemic requires a lot of time and careful study of the instructions.
I am glad that the developers have tried to help users by creating a special map with clues.
The passing game Pandemic Near laid out on the table field tokens are placed stations of the something Table lamp, Citilux Newton CL803051 well cubes diseases.
Markers of outbreaks and spread of disease, map infection and colored vials of drugs are set on the respective icons.
From the deck of the diseases opens 3 cards which is 5.0, in which cities to place the cubes infections in 3 pieces of different colors.
The action is repeated 3 times, with the exception of the number of markers of infections per point 3, 2 and 1 CC respectively.
Each participant is given a hint and map roles after that, 5.0 2, 3, or 4 playing cards depends on the number of players.
Next, select game difficulty which determines the number of diseases in the common deck.
The passing game Pandemic begins in Atlanta where to install all chips participants and 1 chip station.
Each turn consists of several actions, allowing you to move around, to build stations, to invent a Batch laminator DSB So, cure disease etc
The most dangerous while taking cards from the pack is the appearance of the epidemic.
It can hit to read more on a specific point, cause infecting neighboring regionsincrease the concentration and variety of cubes with infections.
About the inevitable losing streak shows the cursor flashes to the drawing of “skull bones 5.0” or placement of all blocks infections of at least one color on the playing field.
Victory is awarded in the case of the invention of all 4 drugs.
The advantages of the game process, At first glance, the development of dozens of rules from the user seems impossible.
However, in the process of combating viruses, the understanding comes himself.
New version of the game Pandemic you can buy in our online store.
It is full of dangers and unexpected turns of events.
The complexity of the process only to intensify the involvement of players, the Cord of them a strong team professional 5.0 />a Complete review of the game in video format available on our website at the end of the description.
The set in the set in Addition to the instructions and the playing field in a box includes: 48 maps of towns and the same number of infections, 4 personal tips, 5 card roles and 5 chips players.
While unpacking the game Pandemic, to buy which you can immediately after watching the video review, is attentive to the preservation of 5.0 items.
The kit 5.0 96 cubes of diseases, 6 tiles stations 1 level marker of infection, 4 double-sided marker vaccines, the marker 1 breakthrough infection and 6 analogues of General direction.
Get ready to extract 59 game cards, 5 role cards, the same number of special events and 6 special cards of the epidemic.
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