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a Board game called “Japanese house” is a three – dimensional designer, who continues the ancient tradition of Japanese construction. Using special cards, players construct a multistoried building paper, competing in the speed and strength of buildings. Depending on the number of participants and the mode selected, the “Japanese house” can be as loud competition in agility and meditative exercise that requires full concentration. In “Japanese house” cards of four types: two types of walls and ceilings. Hecky is a wall of normal size, slightly wider classic playing cards. They are images and are numbered from 1 to 4, but these numbers have meaning only in certain game modes. Gaman – wall twice hecky. They also found a different picture, however, all human marked with zeros. Overlap called anagha, they are too small, like the size hecky and large, the size of human. In anagua made fold-stops-simagu, which do not allow the walls to part. The simplest construction of a module called caricoa: two hecky, put a “tent” to the small aigae. However, most often used in the construction of KEDO or two perpendicular of the “shelter” on the big aigae. If you set with each other a few KEDO, and to crown their karegeya, you get an elegant tower, reminiscent of the classic Japanese castles. The policy contains 11 versions of the game, however their variety is limited only by your imagination. Some options offer to each participant to build a tower for a particular project: a height of six, seven, eight, or even ten floors. The winner is the one who will do it faster than the others. In other game modes is more important not speed, but accuracy. For example, players build houses with a height of not less than three floors, and then together start to shake the table: one whose construction destroyed the last, is the winner. There are also options of free creativity, where each party is constructing the building at its own discretion, and its value is determined by the number of used elements and the height of the building. If you want you can not build anything, but rather to clean up the mess: the players poured on the table a pile hecky, set a top a few karegeya and pull one card from the pile, trying not to drop the “shalashika”. And of course, you are entitled with no one to compete, but just to build a large and beautiful Japanese castle, together or alone. “The Japanese house” is a peaceful and beautiful creative game that will suit a family and kids. It teaches patience, calmness, concentration, as well as the ability to create beauty from ordinary pieces of cardboard.
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