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Star Wars: X-Wing is a new tactical Board game with miniatures, where players take on the role of commanders of squadrons of ships from the universe of “Star Wars”. The Board game “Star Wars: X-Wing” (X-Wing) was first released by Fantasy Flight Games (FFG) in September 2012 and instantly became incredibly popular! Of course, this achievement is not only long-known movies “Star wars”, but very simple rules of the game, as well as beautiful models of star ships. Any fan of “Star Wars” is simply obliged to have on the shelf model starship, be it the Millennium Falcon Chewbacca and Han Solo, “Slave I” Bobby fetta or “X-Wing” Luke Skywalker. And if they still play – it’s great!

Star Wars: X-Wing – Dice Pack
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Star Wars: X-Wing – T-70 X-Wing
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Star Wars: X-Wing – X-Wing (Russian)
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Large selection of ships, and various pilots, equipment and weapons allows you to build your own unique squadron is not like someone else’s. Several times a year, Fantasy Flight Games produces several ships to meet the demand of Star Wars fans.

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get to know the game rules and play their game let starter kits “Star Wars: X-Wing”. We recommend you to buy any starter set “Star Wars: X-Wing”, as only they contain the accessories (rulers, cards, maneuver templates, various markers and tokens) that will be needed for games with other miniatures “Star Wars: X-Wing”. These kits contain everything needed to play: rules, description of missions, ships and game attributes.

In the Board game “Star Wars: X-Wing” are three factions: galactic Empire (Galactic Empire), the Rebel Alliance (Rebel Alliance) and bad guys and the Pirates (Scum & Villainy). The starships are in the form of sets of extensions (ExpansionPack). In these expansion sets is one or occasionally a few ships, disc maneuvers, cards, pilots and upgrade cards (ship, equipment or crew).

Also in the range of “Star Wars: X-Wing” represented by heavy transport ships, which left a noticeable trace in the history of the universe of “Star wars”.

the Board game “Star Wars: X-Wing” is available in English (most models), and Russian (few models), including a Starter set of “Star Wars: X-Wing”. So pay attention when ordering. Also, the release of the 7th film “Star wars: the force awakens” company FFG has released a new starter set “The Force Awakens Core Set”.

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you can Buy “Star Wars: X-Wing” in Nizhny Novgorod in the club store Citadel or order on our website. Join in Nizhny Novgorod a group of fans of the game “Star Wars: X-Wing” Vkontakte, ask questions and stay tuned.

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the Board game “Star Wars: X-Wing” brand new, but has already entered the top three world games. Worldwide tournaments and competitions. You should come too!

the fate of the galaxy depends on you, pilot! And may the Force be with you!