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Like to create coziness at home and interested in interior design? Always wanted to design your own home? We have a tempting offer, but as in life, often have to make a choice. To equip the Laundry or the garage? To make the kitchen bigger or to leave the place under a spacious bedroom? Take a Jacuzzi bath or to provide a cat Playhouse? Or, to use the services of a roofer and a designer at the same time? Only you can decide – You are building your dream house, and you decide what to fill it from the basement to the roof!

Настольная Игра В Слова Начитанный Человек

a Board game of “House” – fun and cute Board game for 2-4 players on the construction of your home. Select cards of tools, furniture, rooms and make sure that the best has not got opponents. Place the card in your house so that the rooms have enough space, and the piano was in the living room, not in the bushes outside. To get bonus points for convenience, ensure that every floor of the bathroom, raking in the garage place under a new car, and next to the kitchen, arrange pantry. And let your house be the most cozy and comfortable!

to the players is a tablet with cell cards in two rows. In the top row are the resource cards and the bottom card rooms. In addition, each player receives a tablet with the layout of the house. The house consists of three floors and the roof. Your task – to build the house of your dreams and earn the most victory points. This is done through the effective construction of the rooms, the location of the various interior items, etc.

In his turn, the player must choose one of five columns with the gaming tablet.

the Game lasts twelve rounds, and the mechanics are extremely simple and straightforward. Select the first player and the round begins with it. In his turn, the player must choose one of five columns with the gaming tablet. Thus, a player may choose to two cards – card resources and rooms. The same action is repeated the other players. The left-most column offers only one room card, but the player who chooses him will get a token the first player in the next round, he will first select a column of cards. In each round, all cards are updated.

Getting cards, you need to implement them. Card rooms can be placed only on the second and third floors, this room should not be free cells. Maps of basement and roof are in special cells. In extreme cases, when the room nowhere to put, the card can be placed face down as an empty room. Unfortunately, it points you will not.

Round after round, the players build new rooms, expanding them to get more points, using map tools, stocking assistants and so until then while all players will not be 12 rooms!

the Game ends at the moment when out of cards in the stacks. Scoring takes place and the winner is the player with the most victory points! Points can be awarded for:

– Room and extension – points are given for the number of card rooms. For example, a garage of one card brings 0 points, but two cards – as many as 4
Roof – all roof-maps that you’ve been putting off during the party, shall be opened at the end of the game. You can choose four cards to form the roof of the house. If all the cards are the same color, you will receive 8 points. If you can raise the roof of the four different colors, you get 3 points. In addition, completed the roof of the map with Windows add you one additional point
– The decor – the different items in the rooms (for example, bed for the bedroom) also add points, and if you have an assistant designer, he will add one additional point for each subject
– The convenience of the house, you can receive 3 bonus points on two occasions, if you house has a bedroom, bathroom and kitchen, or in the presence of a bath on the second and third floors
Bonuses assistants – these cards offer unique abilities in the game. For example, the courier allows you to take one card from discard pile and replace one of their rooms, and the architect will add points for the convenience of the house.