How To Play Bingo: The Rules Of The Game For Money At Home

Loto with barrels – gambling and addictive Board game for home. It helps to relax, unwind, have fun with family and friends. The birthplace of the game is the Italian city of Genoa. Seems fun in the XVI century. The word lotto means “fate” or “lottery”. How to play Lotto at home?

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what is the game
The rules of the game
Legend of numbers
Baby bingo
What is in the game

set for the game of bingo consists of the following items:

– 90 barrels with numbers. The barrels are made from wood. At the end are the numbers from 1 to 90.
Cardboard card. Are rectangular in shape and of medium size. Divided into 3 vertical columns of 9 cells. In each box is placed on 5 numbers in random order. The other squares are empty.
Bag made of thick fabric. The game performs the function of the hand drum. Needed to store kegs.
Chips. There are cardboard or plastic. Used for closing the same numbers.

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there are three types of lottery: a simple, short and “three for three”. The rules of each game, there are some differences. One goal – the first of all the participants to close the card or a line of barrels with corresponding numbers.


All players select three cards and lay them in front of him. Leading empties the barrels into the bag, mixes them. Then pulls out and announces to them these figures. Players must close the announced numbers on their cards. The person who completes one line of chips, loudly pronounces the word-combination “apartment.” So he alerts the other players about his impending victory. If it closes all the squares with numbers on one card, the game is over.


the Participants choose one card from the playing fields. The winner is the one who will close only one line. This game is a shortened version of a simple Lotto. It is designed for the maximum number of players (24 people).

“three for Three”

This is the most reckless kind of Lotto games. At stake are a variety of items or money. The point is that cards are purchased with money. The number of purchased cardboard cards is not limited. The funds are in the middle of the gambling table in the common Bank. Is the future winner.

Leading in turn pulls out a keg and announce the number. For each action the contents of the bag thoroughly mixed. When you close the top row, the players double the bet. The first one to fill the middle graph, has the right to take a third of the amount from the Bank. Tell the rest of the money in the cash register and continue. The winner is the player who chips the lower the number line.

legend of figures

Most of the numbers located at the end of the barrel, during games are called encoded words. They are based on folk sayings, comparisons, and important dates. It makes its own adjustments, and gives the entertainment a special charm. Many do not know the secret codes. To understand which cell to put the chip, the player will need time.

Baby bingo

a Separate kind of this game – baby bingo. The numbers in it are replaced with different themed pictures: transportation, clothing, furniture, vegetables, fruits. The rules are simple: the master pulls from a bag a card with illustrations and says, what is shown there. This object children have to find on the card.

Thanks to baby bingo baby meets the world of nature, to learn the alphabet and even a foreign language. Lotto well-developed memory, expands vocabulary, teaches communication and interpersonal skills.

how to play Lotto, you know, not every family. With the development of information technology the Board game was not so common as 20-30 years ago. However, this does not mean that it is forgotten. In many countries, bingo is still popular. The rules remain simple and unchanged.