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Ruff – is an entertaining game for all holidays and parties, because it is designed for loud fun and laughter. Ruff will allow you to diversify any meal, making indiscriminate use of drinks and salads in a fun drinking game.

Before you is a deck of cards.

the Principle is very simple: pull cards with funny tasks and execute them, and if you don’t want to drink penalty. Of course, the presence of alcohol at the table gives the game a special flavor, but you can use absolutely any drink. The main thing – to follow the rules and get the game process of the maximum enjoyment.

Настольная Игра Бизнес

Members take turns picking the card with the task and decide to perform it or not. If the player performs the task, he draws a card from the top deck of bonuses and credits points of sobriety. Otherwise, the player will have a penalty area, and his neighbor on the right is the bedroom. If the neighbor will do the same job, he will have 2 bonus, if not, the map will go to reset.

Magnificent job!

Jobs are very different: from the banal such as toast about women’s beauty with the words “deficit” and “parthenogenesis”, to send the text with funny text to a random number. During the game you will have to remember the car brand, the names of the players, to massage neighbor, bottoming shirt with a neighbor, drinking from two glasses at once, and more.


the Bonus card is your trump card that you get for the job.
Bonuses can be spent on a joke – to give a neighbor a job that will make everyone have fun from the heart, or to defend against some particularly disliked tasks.

Maps with bears

the deck is a special card with a polar bear. As soon as this card appears in the game, all must crawl under the table. Last one gets penalized and, of course, drink a penalty shot.

to gain the most points of sobriety.
However, Ruff is one of the few games where it’s not about winning, but the process itself.

For whom the game?

To process the game allowed a person 18 years or older. You can play heterosexual large company, preferably in an approximately equal number of boys and girls, to be able to sit through one.

Настольная Игра Иниш

Ruff – priceless Board game for the noisy companies and fun: simple and understandable rules, funny quests and only positive emotions!

Compact version you can take with you if you decide to play outdoors or just going to visit friends. In this edition of the game has become less and fits in your pocket. The composition of the cards is the same as in the normal version in a big box.