Testing Board Games Face (The Guild Of Developers Of Board Games)

a Fantastic Board game “Trappers”. Author Pavel Belyaev.

the Website of the game: trappers.ru Group games: vk.com/trappers

the Player – one of the trappers – have to build the factories and cities, to conduct diplomacy with the clans, complete quests, attack settlements, to attack rivals and all this in the distinctive atmospheric fantasy world.

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2. Board game “Labyrinth of mirrors”. The Author – Yury Yamshchikov.

Selecting the desired sequence of portals and mirrors, you can get to seemingly unreachable corners of the maze and grab the treasure from under the nose of rivals.

3. Board game BierDeckel Wars. Author – Basil Radinsky.

This is a dueling Board game on beer coasters. Every night magical characters meet in a bar and having a battle wall to wall.

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4. “Mouse!”. The Author – Artem Platonov. Group games: https://vk.com/club88939788

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the Ubiquitous mouse at night out of the burrows and gnaw priceless paintings art gallery. Players are caretakers of the gallery – are struggling with the pests and at the same time compete to see who will be able to preserve for posterity more than all the paintings. “Mouse!” – fast and fun card game for 2-4 people.

5. “Tanks Leonardo”. Author Timofey Nikulin.

Players are invited to participate in a tank battle, inspired by the sketches of the Renaissance genius.

About the community Faces (the Guild of developers of Board games)

the Main area of the Faces is a group Vkontakte (vk.com/bgdesigners). The group regularly uploaded for feedback and testing new games, contests, publishes articles of interest to developers themes. The purpose of the existence of Edges – creating a professional environment to help authors to do more interesting and high-quality Board games. At the regular meetings in St. Petersburg, Moscow, Ekaterinburg, and soon in Minsk, you can test the game live, receive and give advice, to share news and just chat with colleagues in the profession. The Guild is open to new ideas and willing to support other constructive ways of interaction.