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Operation Cold Heart is a Board game based on the beloved cartoon! You will embark on a fabulous adventure, povydergivat fallen into the abyss of snowmen, and strive to disrupt the party Kristoff and Elsa, freezing all the driving up to the castle guests!

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Cheerful children’s game Operation Cold Heart will not leave indifferent neither girls nor boys, nor their parents and grandparents. Nastolka designed for different number of participants, to save a party from the failure of one can and.

Princess Anna on the nose Birthday. And her friends, Elsa along with Kristoff decided to organize a big feast. They invited guests from different parts of the Kingdom. And it would have been great if not for the snowmen, who have found unusual fun. They hide nearby in the snow and freeze everyone who rides or coming to the castle Anna.

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the Game Operation Cold Heart you can buy those who have already classic Operation (as interesting variations). Also an exciting Board game will appeal to those who have not played like the Board game.

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In the new game, Cold Heart from the manufacturer Hasbro, everything is imbued with magic. Bright, oversized box, colorful pictures and maintaining the main motive of the disney cartoon – all details are flawless and very beautiful.

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Extract the figures of the niches is not so easy, no skill just will not do! We recommend you to buy the game Operation Cold Heart to train fine motor skills and the younger children up to 6 years.

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complete Board game Operation Cold Heart is a magical tweezers. It need to get snowmen. If a player makes a mistake, does not detect the Joker in the tire playing field – I hear a vibrating sound, which indicates a miss!

the Playing field is plastic canvas with a hidden bottom. Inside and hide those snowmen that spoil the preparations for the celebration. If children are playing, each in his turn tries to pry the tweezers out of the slot of one of the bullies. But it should be done with extreme caution not to touch the edges. Otherwise, the field starts to vibrate, alerting you of the error.

If he heard this vibration – then accidentally touched the field! Now I have to transfer the course to another player. Passion fuels the spirit of competition, because you need to consider the pranksters collected by each participant, but you can still come up with their own additional rules.