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a Board game, fully dedicated to events in Russian history, is rare. Russia usually appears in a Board game as a member of the war – the Second world war or other military conflict on a global scale. Game Michael Comingover Saint Petersburg is a pleasant exception.

Not least, during the game, no gun (and cardboard and painted) not shoot.

the year 1703. Tsar Peter the Great laid the foundations of the future capital of the great Russian Empire. Before the Governor – not an easy task to turn into a “Paris of the East” captured Swedish territory. It is not surprising that the king needed an army of talented and trained builders, engineers, administrators, and other folk serviceman.
In the game Saint Petersburg players will feel yourself in the role of builders of St. Petersburg. Driving workers, officials, aristocrats, players erect luxury theatres, libraries, Jolly pubs and bustling markets. Will the famous “Potemkin villages”. Especially clever builders can capture in the history of their names, building the Winter Palace, St. Isaac’s Cathedral, Mariinsky theatre or the Hermitage. Not least, during the game, no gun (and cardboard and painted) not shoot. The game is extremely peace-building simulator, but a gambler.

the Game mechanics of the game are very simple and will become clear in the first 10 minutes after the start. One participant – an administrator (an official in that period of history). His duties – to distribute money, move figures and over. The course is divided into several different phases, in each phase, the participants hire workers to erect the buildings themselves, are fighting for influence in aristocratic circles. At the end of each phase of the game, players receive money points (they will later hire new workers and build new buildings). The winner is the player who by the end of the game will gain the largest number of points.

If You are concerned that the boardgame Saint Petersburg You will meet the bears who sing “Kalinka-Malinka” on the balalaika, simultaneously hot refueling, then – in vain: a standard set of stereotypes about our country, fortunately, remained outside of the game. The developers-the Germans tried to convey the historical era as accurately as possible. Even in the design of the game it feels: illustrations cards aristocrats stylized old Russian Parsuna, the patterns of the playing field will evoke the thought of Russian Baroque.