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Store Cube – the first online Board games store in Kharkov and one of the largest shops of Board games in Ukraine. The store presents world hits Europe and the USA. Each table game in our store is one of the best and often ranked in the TOP-1000 popular Board games. Believe me, we have selected for you best Board games from around the world!

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Also, our shop boasts a huge range of accessories: dice, the damage counters provided, sachets, pouches, towers of cubes. But if You don’t found, we’ll bring it to order!

Shop Board games the Cube is a whole number of advantages:

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Настольная Игра Индейцы

We have already more than 5 years, during which he performed more than ten thousand orders, and 99.9% of our customers were satisfied. Throughout this time we make our service better, we improve the convenience and style of our website, listening to Your advice! Thank You for being with us!


we All love to play, even as adults, our desire to play disappears. It’s so great to be in another world: magical or scary, to take control of the country to investigate a crime or become a fearless hero. And allow table games.

Настольная Игра 9+

Board games are a terrific entertainment for both adults and children. It’s great that Ukraine has the opportunity to purchase Board games for every taste: detective, strategic, family, for parties, for beginners and experienced players. Board games is a great chance for parents to tear off your child from the computer. In addition, the Board game is a great way to brighten up the road or to spend a vacation.

Настольная Игра Телевизор

As for quality Board games, it is unsurpassed and meets international standards! We do not offer counterfeit “China”, our entire product range includes original and high quality table games.

Create A Настольная Игра Чужой You Can Be Proud Of

you can Buy Board game in our online store is very simple, because we made a convenient sort of Board games in the directory by categories and genres. In our store you will not get lost. You will find the following categories and genres: family Board games, table games and even single player card Board games, cooperative Board games, puzzle Board games, Board skill games, Board games, detective, adventure and much more that you can see on our range.

In our shop everyone will find a Board game which he will like. Well, if you suddenly want something exclusive of 60,000 existing Board games, our “Board game custom” will cope with this task!

Where To Buy Board Game Equivocation

✅ online store Minecraft – ⚡ Board game Equivocation. Smolensk . Smolensk


Manufacturer: Hobby World
Item no: smo-4219
Courier delivery service
Russian Post
EMS Post of Russia
Pickup from pvz in Smolensk

Настольная Игра А Вам Слабо

✅✅✅ BOARD GAMES – Board game Equivocation, buy at the best price in April in Smolensk
Game length: 1 to 60 minutes
Number of players: 3-16 people.

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you can Buy Board game Digressions, SKU:4219 – BOARD GAMES cheap in the Internet shop, BOARD GAMES price in Smolensk
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On our site are products you can always get the product directly in Smolensk. We only sell the most popular and requested in its price segment lots, having a large number of positive reviews online. Thanks to well-tuned to our online store the prices of our goods are kept minimal cheap without losing the quality of the product.

To Buy Board Game “Citadel Deluxe” In The Online Store At The Best Price

In the center of events are the blocks, the construction of which requires payment in gold. Where to take money? You can get them on your turn (2 pieces), as well as earn money by means of constructed facilities. In the latter case, it is necessary to choose the cards that are compatible with the properties of the characters. The richer you are, the more chances to become a leader! Gold will help to build the most expensive objects, filling the city promising structures with a large number of victory points.

Main idea

is it Possible to compare Board game Citadel Deluxe Monopoly? In part, Yes. She and the other nastolka requires strategic thinking and profit. However, the first is representative of the mixed genre, where there is valor and treachery, the special properties and exceptions to the rules original and fascinating plot. Board game Citadel Deluxe reviews, which reflect only delight and admiration, it is best to compare with the Citadel Classic. Unlike the latter, nastolka have an expanded set of objects and characters, new tokens with the heroes and a number of special rules. It can be called an improved version of the classic edition with a more dynamic process and increased complexity.

Board game the Citadel: an overview of the rules

the Deluxe Version has incorporated the best of the Classic, including the use of leading player. The latter has the following privileges: the choice of the best cards of the characters, as well as familiarity with all the characters in a particular round. As in the basic version, the set of characters is carried out by turns. All roles are hidden (similar to Mafia). Next is the active phase of the game. The move order specifies a sequence of tokens with the heroes. They contain the number under which one or the other party gets right to the action.

After all players reveal the role and perform the possible actions, comes the next round.

This may be set 2 cards blocks, one of which goes to the end of the stack, or receive 2 gold coins. Also the participant can use the special properties of the hero, for example, to destroy a quarter of your opponent and build your own (if enough money). After all players reveal the role and perform the possible actions, comes the next round. The trick with crown is transmitted in a clockwise direction, when determining the next senior player. It lasts as long as one of the architects do not build 8 blocks. He is the winner? Not the fact! The leader determines the amount of points earned, which are awarded for the maps, their combination and other achievements.

the Main advantages of the set

Deluxe Citadel is a Board game, which you can buy right now received a number of new characters: cardinal, Patricia, spy, and others. Each of them is able to influence the course of events, helps the participant make the correct strategic decisions. The unpredictability of the plot ensures the anonymity of citizens, which disappears only in the active phase. You will not be the last to know e how powerful the hero is trying to “drown”, and how it will respond to aggressive actions in its side.

The game “Corridor For Kids (new Version)” Delivery In Europe “22Games

In the Board game “Corridor for kids” you need first to get a figure of a mouse waiting for her cheese. The situation is complicated by the fact that the maze on the playing field is constantly changing. Each player can be placed anywhere in the wall, confusing someone all the plans.

Only three basic rules


  • Either make a move or put a partition;
  • the

  • you can Walk in any direction, except diagonally, exactly one cell;
  • the

  • it is Impossible to completely block the path of another player: the stranger mouse should always be a chance to get to the cheese.

something else

Mice have not only increased appetite, but also innate jumping ability. So, if two figures stand side by side, one can jump over another, in fact taking a step not one but two cells. But only if the mouse is not wall – then you have to jump sideways, left or right.

what is the point of the game

“the Corridor for toddlers” in each course forces players to think carefully about what is better – to block someone’s path, or make the move yourself. Thus, the situation on the field is constantly changing and unpredictable, forcing all participants to immerse oneself in the game.

When cheese is eaten

To win in this simple but quite exciting game, the child need to get the mouse on the opposite end of the field. No matter what kind of cell would be the figure reached the last line automatically won.

Who is exactly like the “Corridor for kids”


  • the Kids: they will love to compete with each other for the right first to get to the cheese;
  • Their parents: the game develops spatial thinking, logic and easily captivates the children, allowing the adults to do their own thing;


  • Big family: the children’s Corridor is great fun for a quiet family evenings.

This Board game is easy to take a group of children from two to three people. That is why we recommend to buy it as a gift for his birthday. Price is fully consistent quality: all items are made of natural wood and carefully painted. The figurines are nice to hold in hands.

Star Wars Legion Board Game To Buy In Chelyabinsk – Price

Star Wars: the Legion is a game battle for two that contains a lot of plastic miniatures and tells the story of the Star Wars universe.

7 На 9 Настольная Игра Обзор

a Despotic Empire with an iron hand rules the Galaxy with unparalleled ferocity using his devastating war machine. In their way are the brave soldiers of the rebel Alliance, dealing lightning fast attacks from their secret bases. In this desperate and stubborn fight, every battle can decide the outcome of the war.

How Important is Настольная Игра God Of War. 10 Expert Quotes

In the Legion you will become a commander who will lead the battle ground force: stormtroopers, walkers, speeders and legendary characters like Darth Vader or Luke Skywalker. The Board game will let you realistic way to play ground battles in which you available a whole Arsenal of weapons and ingenious tactics.

first, you need to gather your army. The collection allows players to form an army, sharpened by the individual style of play. Someone like universal, various troops, and someone creates an army using the only strategy, but with impeccable efficiency.

Настольная Игра 420

the Standard game is played on a field the size of three by six feet (90 x 180 cm) with different landscape elements, barricades and shelters. Prior to the game, determines the starting placement of the tasks on the game and special conditions. To do this, from the decks of the placement, tasks, and special conditions are drawn three cards, forming three rows. Players take turns crossing off the map, making it twice the leftmost card in each row will be used in the game.

Настольная Игра 12 Лет – What Do These Stats Really Mean?

the Game lasts for six rounds or until such time when all enemy troops are destroyed. Each round consists of three phases, which are played out sequentially: phase command, the activation phase and final phase.

In the first phase you give orders to determine initiative. In the activation phase your units alternately perform actions-whether it be aiming, movement or attack. In the third, terminal phase, is preparing for the next round.

The Single Best Strategy To Use For Настольная Игра Корни Revealed

Each player earns points for completing mission objectives. Who gets the most points, he is declared the winner in the battle. If victory points equally, then as a minor victory points takes into account the value of the defeated units of the opponent. The second victory – destroy all enemy forces before the expiration of six rounds.

Настольная Игра Жадная Бабушка

Star Wars: Legion – addictive Board game with detailed miniatures of the epic battles in the vast Distant galaxies.

Players act as commanders of unique armies, composed of soldiers, ground vehicles, and iconic characters. The soldiers are on maneuvers in areas of operations, lead the barrage of Blaster weapons carried out the deadly duels lightsaber and perform other actions in an effort to solve problems that are critical to them.

Sexy 7 На 9 Настольная Игра Обзор

the Mechanics of the game simulates phenomena such as chaos of battle, the command of the troops and fog of war.

the Basic set contains everything you need for desktop duel of two players and serves as a starting point to create a large-scale collection of figurines of soldiers and vehicles of the rebel Alliance and the galactic Empire.

Настольная Игра Жизнь Правила

This Board game will appeal to fans of deep strategies, as well as numerous admirers of Star wars.

meanwhile, the game may seem daunting for beginners. Can pay attention to more simple games.

Important! Miniatures are shipped in a box not assembled and not painted. The Assembly manual is included in the set.

To purchase a find For the Spy – Microsoft Store (EN-us)

For 4 or more players. Play party consists of a sequence of short rounds. In each round, players find themselves in some locations. One inevitably turns out to be a spy who does not know where. Randomly current location is sent to all players via e-mail, and one player is a label with the word “SPY” or message in the social network VK (via email gateway). The task of the spy is to speak to other players, to determine location and not to expose themselves. Each nespon in turn, trying vaguely to understand “his”, he knows where, and therefore is not a spy. Observation, alertness, endurance, stealth in this game will be useful to all. Be on the lookout! Collective addictive Board game similar to the game “Mafia” in our opinion, even more controversial. Full rules of the game are opened from treatment. Emails are sent to the participants via Yandex.Mail, so you need an account Yandex. Source code distribution is open, can connect any mail. At the moment the game is not supported in roles, but as shown, they are not needed, because make it very difficult gameplay. To send messages with locations in the game, you need from the computer (customers in smartphones usually do not know how) to write an e-mail message, which will be mailing, and return address to include in the list of addresses of players. This email address will be of the type And of course, all players must have a phone with a customized personal mail or Vkontakte. It is recommended each player to print out a list of locations, because the novice spies will need to see a list of all locations in front of the eyes to calculate to discuss. And when listening to issues all players are recommended to watch this list. An example of the game round: Anna, Ivan, Maria and Dmitry landed in the army of the crusaders. However, Anna doesn’t know about it, because she got a card spy. In the game they will be communicating, trying to figure out the spy, and Anne task is to guess in which location it is, and it does not issue. The first asks Maria: “And if you do not remember, Dima, in what sea we swam yesterday?” Dmitry, naturally, calls the Mediterranean, and the spy Anna takes his answer on a note: it is possible, the desired location – the beach or the pirate ship. Meanwhile, Dmitry could not ask Maria (you cannot return the question), so his question is addressed to Ivan: “Ivan, and when we have the salary issue in the beginning or at the end of the month?” Other players straining: such a question could mean that Dmitry spy. Dmitry simply probes the opponent, but Ivan is not a spy, so easily answers the question: “Oh, come on. When the commander of generosity, then we will be money”. Spy Anna completely confused: nowit involves guerrilla unit, or a military unit. And the next question Ivan addressed her: “Anya, tell me, what’s for lunch yesterday gave? And I missed it”. Anna hesitates: “Oh, the usual potatoes, nothing special.”

Forest Chess Board Game For Kids And Adults

Exciting Board game played on a chessboard for children and adults.

Tested on their own children!

the figures of animals – from mild, but prickly hedgehog to the strong, but clumsy bear walking on the Board-woods from one edge to another. Strong beasts win more than the weak animals of the opponent.

Настольная Игра Коварный Лис

the Rules are simple and comprehensible even to small children, and the dice and the opportunity to walk a few pieces to create an interesting, not a recurring situation.

the Board game “Forest chess” is unique. In an entertaining way “Forest chess” teach children to think, analyze the situation, to find original solutions to achieve victory, develop the child’s intelligence.

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the Game is designed for boys and girls 4 years and older and adolescents, it would be happy to play with children, parents, and grandparents. Thanks to the simple rules, easily associated with the familiar characters of the forest, the children come back to this game again and again.

Those who master the basic rules, are offered the opportunity during the game to put on the Board the various obstacles of the forest – a swamp, river, etc.

the set of the playing Board, counters-characters (16pcs.), dice, cards, obstacle (4 PCs), manual.

the ATTENTION of PRODUCERS AND distributors of GAMES!

You can obtain exclusive rights to distribute the game
“Forest chess” if you are ready to implement the full production runs.
Cooperation tel: +7 921 948-87-24, e-mail:

Buy in online store

Retail price is just 182р. Limited edition.

Moscow, Russia: buy the Board game “Forest Chess” in the Internet-shop Razvivalki.

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to Order the Board game “Forest Chess” in Saint-Petersburg:
* Name

* Email

* City

* Number

* Checking

Wholesale supply

to Wholesale buyers discounts. The game comes in terms of simultaneous payment or prepayment.

Настольная Игра Лото Reviewed: What Can One Study From Different’s Mistakes

For the wholesale supply tel: +7 921 948-87-24, e-mail:

game Details

the Game “the Forest chess” refers to a class of Board games for children. Experts call them “bench-printed games,” which reflects the method of manufacture, and yet – and application. Table games, first of all, calm and thoughtful, but it does not prevent them to be often exciting and gambling. These are the “Forest chess”.

We were able to adapt the rules of moving the pieces specifically for children: Bunny jumps, the Fox runs obliquely, the prickly hedgehog, clumsy bear… There are other simple properties reflecting the size and nature of known child of the forest dwellers. The inclusion of the associative mechanism of memorizing rules makes the game available for children aged 4-5 years.

At the same time, the game is not as simple as it might seem at first glance. After playing, You will find that different characters “Forest of chess” differ not only the “power”, but also have their own independent purpose. The game has several elements of chance, in particular, the players roll the dice to determine the number of movements, but these movements can be distributed between characters. As a result, one move could make a very beautiful castling.

Настольная Игра С Фишками 8 Букв

we will Not reveal here all the surprises You will discover by purchasing the “Forest chess” – the same uvlekatelnaya game for kids and adults.

I would like to mention the fact that the game adapts to the ability level of Your child and then facilitates their progressive development. Because of the 4-5 year-old children do not expect deep of the steps, but without them our game never loses appeal! Moreover, the various factors of randomness significantly raise the chances of a child before an adult opponent. Therefore, the “Forest chess” will be an interesting game for children and adults.

Board game Sunrise 5: Runes of Asteros, Africus (art.36694420) – Buy On Sale Mamsy

Sunrise 5 – cooperative Board game in the genre of space adventures. All the players work together, trying to find the answer to two questions: what are the four runes will save the planet Asteros and in what order they should be placed? In each new batch the answer to these questions will be unique! It defines a mobile app that controls the game, or one of the participants, who took on the role of the wizard. An old legend says: long Ago, one of the ancient kings of Asteros drove the indescribable horror of the rune portal and imposed on the gate the seal of the four divine runes. The portal was at peace for over a thousand years, but a mysterious evil force opened the gates and changed the rune code. Fear and terror reappeared in Asteros. Wise Oracle and a team of four agents sent to this planet to find the correct code and re-seal the portal, restoring peace in the Asteros” so, five heroes arrive at Asteros. They can explore the planet, collect energy and artifacts, fight monsters and learn the runes to recover a lost code on gateway portal. Each turn, players can act for any of the characters, each turn, choosing the best option: to manage the runes in the role of a wise Oracle, to attack monsters with a New one to try on the role of the leader – Echo, to influence the Eclipse with the help of Ali or to copy the abilities of other heroes, as it can only make Hal. Every time players try to seal the portal, mobile app or “game master” show certain characters. Comparing all the options for the location of the runes and shows the characters, the players gradually generate the correct code. Once players successfully find all the necessary runes and arrange them in the correct order, they will save Asteros. However, if there is a total Eclipse or the deck runs out of cards heroes, your team will lose. Whom will approach this game? – Friends-the heroes who don’t mind the free time to save the planet-another. – The fans of logic games in the mechanics of the game you will find references to the famous game “Bulls and cows”.

Best Board Games – Articles From Hand To Hand

the Traditional part of the program of the Christmas holidays – Board games with friends and family. This time you don’t have to think what to play – we have compiled the best “Board game” for companies that are easy to get in any city.


inherently “Munchkin” looks like a computer RPG, only in the guise of a set of cards. The rules of this game is quite hard relative to other “nastolok”, but spending one night to adjust to the “Mankunku”, you won’t be able to shake him off. The essence of the game is built up to pump your character up to 10th level, though for avid fans, there is a version where the bar is raised to 20th level. It will have to collect “clothes”, fight monsters and fight for treasure.


Sleight of hand and no fraud! From a tower the players get one bar and attach them to the top. I lost the one after whose awkward movements, the structure collapses. With each stroke of the tower becomes not only higher, but also more fragile, so in the midst of the game better once again not to move and not to breathe unnecessarily.

Настольная Игра Шакал Отзывы

This economic strategy can destroy even the strongest friendship or marriage is so loud disputes arise when at the same table a few people are building their own business. Despite the fact that this “will nastolko” played, probably each with interesting additions she will never get bored. In the latest versions of monopoly pay off the cards that makes the game more realistic and interesting.

Scrabble (Scrabble)

Philology “nastolka” for those who love to correct mistakes in other people’s words. The task of the players is to score as many points with the selection of words. In the beginning, everyone is dealt seven letters that you need to pay for a field size of 15×15. Victory for those who wrote more long words. Pretty funny to watch as your opponent tries to get a real word from a bad set of letters.

Selling Houses, villas, terrains / Plots

Land 55,000 acres, Warsaw highway , property, land With/X destination, gas
8 500 000 rubles.

Plot 6 acres, bath’skiy trakt highway , property, land With/X destination, security
250 000 RUB.

How To Make Your Настольная Игра Баскетбол Look Amazing In 3 Days

A separate structure, line 1, Bakuninskaya ul, renovation
495, 000.

Extra on Making a Residing Off of Настольная Игра Ерш

Boilers for heating system
26 000 RUB.

Настольная Игра Шакал Остров Сокровищ: The easy Approach

KIA CEE’d coupe, 2014, mileage: 77000 km, automatic, 1.591 l
810 000 RUB.

Настольная Игра Obscure

The house is 164 sq. m, Tyumen , Lesnaya str., plot area of 30 acres, in excellent condition
5 200 000 rubles.

1-room apartment, Yuri twisted pair ul, 14
8 000 RUB.

1-room apartment, Lenina PR-kt, 42
8 500 RUB

1-room apartment, ulitsa Shornikova, 1
8 000 RUB.

1-room apartment, Stroiteley b-R, 15
8 500 RUB

1 br. apartment Voroshilova ul., 2A
8 000 RUB.

The house is 62 sq. m, Krasnoyarsk R-n, Ekaterinovka with land area of 18 acres, in excellent condition…
8 050 000 RUB.


a Simple but addictive card game for adult parties and get-togethers with children enough to know colors, numbers and how to count. The player’s task – as soon as possible to get rid of all the cards, but all is complicated by the fact that the opponents can interfere with each other. The winner is the one who has only one card remaining. In this case, you must shout “UNO!”, otherwise the win is not counted. The game is very compact – easy to take in guests or in a cafe and also dynamic, party lasts no more than 15 minutes.


In this “nastolki” players try on the role of sellers Bazaar. “Marrakech” has a very nice fill – in goods are presented as vivid patterned carpets that need to make the playing field. During the game you need to move the stick figure of Assam (owner of the market), to display the goods and to collect money from those who went on your carpet. The winner is the richest merchant.


Exciting team Board game that will help to cheer up even the big company of 16 people. Players must use MIME, pictures, gestures and simple explanations to give his team the hidden word. Vitality adds hourglass, measure exactly 60 seconds to guess. For correct answers the team gets points that allow it to move to the finish line on the playing field. “Aktiviti” is a lot of noise, laughter and playful screams.


Feel the discoverers of the island of Catan: you and the other colonizers will have to find settlements and cities, to search for resources and negotiate, to build roads and even to create an army. For all of these accomplishments are assigned points, and to win them you want 10 pieces. Players need to prove themselves as experienced strategists and diplomats – the “Colonizers” it is important to think through each step and be able to negotiate with the neighbors on the island.


Very simple and compact “nastolka”, which is suitable for play with young children – she develops a reaction, perception and attentiveness. Besides, one shipment is very fast that does not bore the kids. In a small tin box you will find a variety of chips with different pictures from bananas to the aliens. The essence of “Dabble” is to search for matches on the chips, but the rules there are five simple variants of the game.

Interesting Board game, which helps to better know what’s going on in the minds of your friends. In the “Imaginarium” according to certain rules, and you make guess of the Association of other players. Individual attention image on the playing cards – often gets, to put it mildly, psychedelic pictures. Family gatherings fit more iridescent version of the game, such as “the Imaginarium childhood.”

“Andor” – “FOR” AND “AGAINST”

Today in our section for the collection in the Treasury of opinions Board game “Andora”.

Пандемия 2 Настольная Игра

Frankly, the only argument for me, which in principle allows us to consider the game as a purchase is its high popularity in the wider circles of fans of Board games. It is clear that in the first place this is due to the natural localization, but the “Andora” with good ratings and some positive feedback. In fact, the issue here is more that’s in the game still closer to RPGs, ie, it is clear the role, journey, atmosphere, or something abstract and mechanical “on”?

“FOR” and “AGAINST”: “Andor”

the”FOR” and “AGAINST”: 7 Wonders
“FOR” and “AGAINST”: Panic on Wall Street!
“Pros” and “cons”: “Agricola”
“FOR” and “AGAINST”: Mage Wars
Games: Andor
From the section: “FOR” and “AGAINST” Table games

Rate the article: (4,75 out of 5 ratings – 4)

the”FOR” and “AGAINST”: 7 Wonders
“FOR” and “AGAINST”: Panic on Wall Street!
“Pros” and “cons”: “Agricola”
“FOR” and “AGAINST”: Mage Wars
13.01.2014 10:49 Nelud(Quote) (Reply)

In addition, each scenario – on a couple of times.

Against. Too unnatural mechanics. Of course, the idea of the atmosphere at all different. But you – americashare and wargamer – not like 100%. Play closer to the puzzle. In addition, each scenario – on a couple of times. But for fans of Euro – all very mi-mi-mi!

On 13.01.2014, at 11:19 RAVE(Quote) (Reply)

in the game just like the design. Very angry that killing monsters you bring yourself to the loss, I want to destroy.

Dr. Nik
On 13.01.2014, at 11:48 Dr. Nik(Quote) (Reply)


Well, I just love a good game

the RAVE

“Hulk smash!”

13.01.2014 at 12:36 MisteriG(Quote) (Reply)

Is It Time to talk More About Настольная Игра 9+?

the Game is really oddly on vyschityvanii optimal moves and they are strictly limited in narrative. A kind of walking-heroine crisis-the Euro. Confusion in the brain is waiting for some action-Packed fight to rescue princesses))

But we were interested in, although after 2 scenarios pushed other games.

Dr. Nik
13.01.2014 12:47 Dr. Nik(Quote) (Reply)


description recalls the Horror of Arkham…

13.01.2014 at 13:46 smerch(Quote) (Reply)


Yes, you can play in Andor in a dry mathematical abstract of finding the best sequence of actions. Yes, monsters are not particularly crumble – time is short. Yes, actually leveling your character really is not. Yeah, replayability is not very high. But…

it all depends on how to play. We during the game really didn’t calculate anything, but acted rather from General ideas. And in this case, and it’s harder to play, and the atmosphere feels great. Andor of those games where the atmosphere is created by the players, but it is created easily.

Настольная Игра Находка Для Шпиона

But still, from Andora can’t wait for something especially, it is easy (in the sense of rules), the gameplay is simple and a revelation for you, he definitely will not. But it is ideal for games with children)! In General, the game is good, but whether it is necessary to you-that’s for you to decide.

PS I, too, wargamer and americruiser, and the Euro can not stand.