“Game of Thrones” Board Game “FOR” AND “AGAINST”

Friends! Many of you already know that I am not indifferent to the card “Game of thrones”. My thoughts on this occasion, I have poured out here. Know that there is also a desktop version of A Game of Thrones, but personally it has never faced. In this connection a question: what “Game of thrones” like you?

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Traditionally, the column “FOR” and “AGAINST” it is better to start your post with the words:
“For buy:” / “Neutral:” / “Vs – do not buy:”.

Настольная Игра Ticket To Ride – So Simple Even Your Children Can Do It

“Game of Thrones: the Board Game” – direct speech
“FOR” and “AGAINST”: Dungeon Raiders
“FOR” and “AGAINST”: StarCraft. Board game
“Pros” and “cons”: “World of Warcraft: the Board game”
Game: Game of Thrones Board game
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“Game of Thrones: the Board Game” – direct speech
“FOR” and “AGAINST”: Dungeon Raiders
“FOR” and “AGAINST”: StarCraft. Board game
“Pros” and “cons”: “World of Warcraft: the Board game”
07.10.2013 at 09:35 RAVE(Quote) (Reply)

Simple rules, quite cheerful gameplay, lots of opportunities for diplomacy, chic design and the setting (although I have not read or watched the subject).

cons – poor scalability. It is better to play the maximum part.

07.10.2013 10:56 Midr(Quote) (Reply)

OVER buy.

Table “Game of thrones” is my favorite nastolka.

Definitely suggest – you need to play!

the Game takes, the result is not predictable.

the best course to play six players.

07.10.2013 11:08 greta(Quote) (Reply)

the Game is really, really cool. But we’re playing it tournament (now started the 3rd season), every year the tournament is taking part from 16 to 24 people. Each meeting is not only to win a single player, but on points which are awarded for all sorts of different.

56 X 30 X 6.5 Cm

Board game will delight any child.
Now to play hockey not only in winter on the street, but also all year round home with friends.
The game will be a great pastime for the whole family, as there is need fast reaction and the ability to make decisions quickly.
Package contents:.
The scoreboard
The playing field
12 players
Gate 2 PCs.

Packing size:
56 x 30 X 6.5 cm.

Detailed description

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the Game Board will Footballforum any child.
Now to play football, not only in the summer on the street, but also all year round home with friends.

Мистер Х Настольная Игра

Game table Football 1490 RUB.
The Board game Monopoly, Happy Gaming Nastola game Happy Gaming Monopoly is a classic Monopoly game with a set of metal figures for the

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the Board Game Monopoly, Happy Gaming 1290 RUB.
In the new game Monopoly:
The Bank without borders is no more cash! New technology makes the game faster and more fun.
Each player gets a bunco.

the Board Game Monopoly, the Bank without borders 1490 RUB.
This version of the game created specifically for fans of the legendary Monopoly – new, unique modification of the Monopoly – Russia! The rules of this economic…

the Board game Monopoly Russia 1290 RUB.
Board game Penguin on the ice is a fascinating, entertaining , exciting, educational and intriguing game.
Players must knock out the block…

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Robinson Crusoe: adventure on the mysterious island. Second edition” is a cooperative Board game in which one player or team of up to four people have to overcome gravity life on a desert island, by all means to survive and solve the mysteries and complete all seven scenarios, each of which will offer unique game-play. Scenarios can combine in the great adventure campaign, then your journey in the game world will be even more fun!

How To buy (A) Настольная Игра Запретный Остров On A Tight Finances

Once the game is cooperative, in order not to lose the whole team, you have to work together on common progress, to consult, to come up with the best solutions and to fight for survival. Personal victory can not be here.

A Surprising Software That can assist you Настольная Игра Днд

In “survivor” you can play together and even one. In this case, the rules of the game there are special assistants to Friday and a faithful dog. And yet the game offers a sophisticated and simplified versions of the game, so you can adjust the difficulty for themselves.

If you wish to Be A Winner, Change Your Настольная Игра Шерлок Холмс Philosophy Now!

this is the second edition of the successful and love the game. The main differences from previous versions:

Свинтус Настольная Игра

– Square game box with new design
Stylized compass badge first player
– An additional scenario, now there are seven
– The character sheets have moved on thick cardboard
– Wooden components changed shape and turned into these bars, bananas, bread, and skins
Chips got a new design, the chips players are given a special sticker with persons
– Completely rewritten the rule book, which became more logical, easier and more convenient. Now to deal with the game became much easier

The commonest Mistakes People Make With 7 Чудес Настольная Игра Правила

the Second edition of the game is compatible with the addition of “Robinson Crusoe. The journey of the Beagle”, but part of the game components differs from the previous edition, which was released the extension. The differences relate to cardboard, color card backs and some symbols. In General the differences are minor and do not interfere with the game.

Brief Article Teaches You The Ins and Outs of Настольная Игра 8 В 1 And What You Should Do Today

the game takes place on the island. Each player takes on the role of one of the survivors are female or male your choice. You available: cook, carpenter, soldier and Explorer. Depending on the scenario, players are encouraged to perform various tasks for a certain number of rounds, for example, to ignite the torches. As a rule, they relate to the study or creation of certain items.

Do the rounds of the game consist of multiple phases:

1. Phase events there are various events, open maps and secrets with different effects
2. Phase morale – depending on the morale of Your team, the first player checked and can either lose points determination, or to them. If the Points determined not, and they need to lose, the player receives a wound, which is very bad
3. Phase extraction – players get resources from the area where camp is located, so you should think carefully, where you will stay for the next night
4. The actions phase is the most important phase in which all the talk and action of their characters
5. Phase the weather – throw dices and tokens of the weather will determine if you will have to deal with the harsh climate of the island
6. Night phase – in this phase you can breath, move the camp to another part of the island. All characters must eat and sleep.

Win and lose all the players together, and victory conditions are determined by each scenario separately. Lose players on two occasions: when after a certain number of rounds and the death of at least one surviving.

What Is The Probability The Next Step Is To Get The Stone?

And the Board game “Meanie” proves it! He who is too greedy can’t win. But the player who takes informed decisions and is not afraid to take a risk where necessary, has all the chances to win. And you greedy? Let’s find out!

for gold

In the game “Meanie” you and your opponents will try to extract as much gold from his pouch. However, in addition to nuggets, you will constantly come across the cobblestones. And the greedy will remain with the nose and the pile of rocks!

Try This Genius Настольная Игра Йога Правила Plan

early In the game put in a bag each player 5 gold nuggets, 12 stones (4 each color – black, grey and white), 1 emerald and 1 ruby. On your turn, blindly pull out of the bag one stone at a time. You may like to stop and continue the course. If you complete the course on time, all the gold that was pulled out, remain lying on the table in front of you, and the stones will go back in the bag. But if you decide not to stay and eventually get 2 of cobblestone of the same color, you will be punished for the greed! The entire production will go back into the bag (except gold nuggets mined in past moves).

Who was the first to acquire all 5 of the nuggets is the winner.

the game of Interest “Meanie” add bonus gems – rubies and emeralds. Emerald will make you pull out 2 marbles from the bag. If your course will end with success, the gold you get to keep, but the stones and emerald to throw in a bag of another player of their choice.

If someone pulled a ruby, all players start as quickly as possible to get the stones out of their bags, until someone gets a gem. Lucky leaves gold, and all the rest return the loot in their bags.

Despite its simplicity, the game “Meanie” forces you to constantly make decisions and to calculate the consequences of their actions. How many nuggets you have already got? What is the probability the next step is to get the stone? Play with your children and teach them that greed is before a fall!

You can buy Board game “Meanie” in the shop “the Unicorn”, by calling +7 (495) 775-4280 or place your order on the website.

“Meanie” to buy in online store Board games the Unicorn in Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Voronezh and Lipetsk. Free shipping when ordering from 3000 rubles.

The Set Of The Game Includes: Playing Field

If you are willing to drop everything right now to go to the lost among the vast ocean desert island and prove to the world that you, there is nothing impossible, this exciting and full of competitive spirit Board game is for you!

In 10 Minutes, I’ll Give You The Truth About Настольная Игра Из Дерева

It is in every detail follows the story of the famous eponymous TV game. On a small uninhabited tropical island landed the team of 12 brave adventurers, who will not only like Robinson to fight for survival, but every 3 days to decide which member of the tribe should leave the island forever. Players will compete for the title of the last hero not only with each other but also with other members of the tribe. On the main game Board is shown, the tribal Council and a range of tests designed to upload additional slot mini-fields. During each test, players are competing for the right to obtain a protection totem, forbidding to vote at the next Board against its owner.

Настольная Игра 3+

players are waiting for multiple test is divided into the game on a single playing field, full of dangerous trials and adventures. But we should not forget about personal relationships. Leaving the island, each exiled leaves his friend a white stone, and your enemy is black. White stone increases the chances to stay in the game, black on the contrary is able to accelerate the expulsion. When on the island remain the only two to leave it all decide by voting who will be the winner.

7 Драконов Настольная Игра

the set of the game includes: game box, 9 extra fields, 2 dice, 4 colored chips, card totem 11 test cards, 32 small token, 64 voting cards, 8 cards “Labyrinth of ghosts” detailed rules in Russian.

Players are invited to become members of the tribe of 12 people and pass a series of tests. They are waiting for “battle of giants”, “Mysteries of the gods”, “Labyrinth of ghosts”, “the Path of Hanuman”, “dead man’s Chest”, “Ring of darkness”, “Arrows of fate”, “the Rock of the spirits, the treasures of the Caiman”, “the jungle” and other dangerous and exciting adventures. The winner of the test receives a protective totem, which provides him immunity at tribal Council, where the vote with white and black stones decide who will be banished from the island. Moreover, the right to vote have not only the players but also the characters on the playing field.
If you miss the gentle sea breeze, the sound of waves and the rustling palm trees, then lost in the vast ocean full of dangers uninhabited island waiting for you. Go there with your friends and find out if you can stay alive.

Dizm – Wikipedia

Gyzym (also “Dustum”, “Nozzle-Dyum”, lit. “strung”) is a Board game family Mill (Morris, Mills, Merells) from Turkmenistan.

Настольная Игра Юный Водитель

the Board of dizma consists of three concentric square, connected by eight diagonal and cross lines. When the nomads played on the ground, a sharp stick tracing and drawing the playing field. Had a common tradition to weave mats with a special pattern, where you can play dizm.

Each player has a specified number of checkers or stones of the same color, usually 9 or 12. Checkers are red and white, black and blue. When played with twelve pieces, the game is called “on-IR dizm” (first two syllables “he-ICA” in Turkmen means “twelve” and “gyzym” – “to string”). In the game with 12 checkers Board may be filled during the placement of chips, and if any of the three when it was built (that is, the withdrawal did not happen), the game ends in a draw.

Six More Reasons To Be Excited about Настольная Игра 9 Пляшущих Мужчин

all Rules identical to the rules of 9-and 12 checkers and checkers of European mill for field of type ‘Web’, English Nine Men’s Morris (English). and Twelve Men’s Morris (eng.), and the South African Morabaraba (eng.).

the Game is divided into three stages:

1. Opponents take turns placing on the intersections of the lines in your chips. If you can put three checkers in a row, the player is entitled to remove one enemy piece from the Board.
2. When all pieces are placed, players take turns to move them one space on lines, all with the same goal – to build three of their counters in a row and remove opponent’s checker. If one manages to create two combinations of the three pieces, it is possible to reduce the opponent’s army into two units. Allowed jumping through your or someone else’s sword without taking.
3. When one player remains with only three pieces, he is entitled in his turn to put his sword at any available space.

Настольная Игра 12 Лет For Great Sex

the Party continues until, until one of the opponents will be only two checkers and then he lost.

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According to the testimony of S. V. Glaser[1], the game was in Turkmenistan so popular in the 1960-ies during the Soviet era there was held the national tournament for dizmo.

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↑ Glaser C. Dizm // cause – time fun – an hour. – M.: Molodaya Gvardiya, 1962. – P. 37-38. – 63 S.
References[edit | edit code]

Portal “Checkers”

Glaser C. Dizm // cause – time fun – an hour. – M.: Molodaya Gvardiya, 1962. – C.

The Board Game Guess Who You Are?

Board Game guess who you are? The answer is on his forehead! in Moscow
The Board game guess who you are? Response to the forehead!, Moscow

Price: 1 169 ₽

1 unit


  • Minimum order is 1 unit;
  • the

  • date added 30.01.2019;
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  • Code proposals 20129163;
  • the

  • the Number of hits – 13;

product Description

the 74 cards with pictures (6 of which are cards with sample questions); 24 chips 6 headbands with holder for cards; Hourglass Preparation: Place the card in the centre of the playing area face down. Each player puts down hula Hoop holder for the card so that the inscription Hedbanz located above the eyebrows in the center of the forehead. Give each player one card face down. Not looking at the picture, the players insert the card into the holder on the Hoop. Thus, other participants can see what the picture is. Give each player three chips. All remaining chips form a Bank. The game: the First move goes to the youngest participant of the game. Then the turn goes to the player sitting to the left. When it is Your turn to move, turn over the hourglass and start to ask every participant of the game, one closed-ended question the answer to which involves either “Yes” or “no”. At the leading questions You need to determine what picture is depicted on Your card. After You ask all the players in the game, start the second round, then third, etc. Cards with questions will provide You with examples of questions You can ask to guess who You are. The cards are only examples, and are optional. You can ask any questions, except the question “Who am I?” At any time You may ask, “I …?” If You can guess who You are before time runs out on the hourglass, take another card and, without looking at the picture, insert the card into the holder on the Hoop and continue to ask questions until the time runs out. After each guess the picture, put it in the Bank one chip and transfer the course to the next party game. At any time during Your turn, You can stop to ask questions. In this case, You should take the from the Bank one chip and insert the new card into the holder on the wrap for the next move. Attention! The winner is the first player who does not have any chips
Characteristics of the Board game guess who you are? The answer is on his forehead!

– Country of origin: China

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Board Game guess who you are? The answer is on his forehead!

World Hits, Table Game Piatnik Tick Tock Bumm – Zalulu.ru

a Table game Piatnik “Tick-tack-Bumm” is a very fun and educational game for a friendly family or a large company. The game “Tick-tack-bumm” is a word game! The rules are simple, the preparation will take only a couple minutes. The task of the players in the game for a few seconds to think of a word, where there are combinations of letters presented on the card, and put the “bomb toy” (model) from one player to another until it explodes. Gape – and the bomb exploded! But in order to know the location of the specified combinations of letters (card) – the player throws the dice and it only regulates the rules of the location. If the dice fell: the TICK – the combination of letters may not be the beginning of a word; TICK-tock – the combination of letters could be anywhere; TICK…SO BUMM – the combination of letters may not be the end of the word. After throwing dice, the first player presses the red button on the bomb, activating the “charge” and takes from the pile the top card. As soon as the player came up with the word in accordance with the corresponding result on the cube, it passes clockwise the bomb and the card to the next player. The player, who in the hands “exploded” bomb (the sound signal that simulates the sound of an explosion!), takes the card with the letters themselves. The winner of the game recognizes the player with the smallest number of cards! Board game “TIC TAC Boom” – educational game toy in colorful packaging. The game is great for learning different words and building a logical chain. You can easily take a visit or journey. Will entertain both boys and girls. The kit includes: rules of the game in Russian bomb-timer (start by clicking on the red button at the bottom, ticking and could explode at any moment) 55 two-sided cards – on each side is written a combination of letters (e.g. “edit”, “mo”, etc.); a word that the player invents must contain the combination of letters is a cube with three values: tick, tick so bumm ( show how to arrange combinations of letters presented on the card, create the word ) Number of players: 2 to 12 people. Game duration: 30 minutes.

Players Collect Cards Of Various Types Of Cars

In the English language.
New, sealed.
Since its inception in 2004 Board game Ticket to ride North America (Ticket to Ride) have won many awards (it was the Game of the Year in France, Czech Republic, Finland, Spain…, took one of the most prestigious awards Spiel des Jahres 2004 in Germany) and became the founder of a series of games. Simple and elegant gameplay mechanism of the game allows you to master the rules in just 3 minutes. At the same time, it provides players with intense strategic and tactical decisions every turn.
Players collect cards of various types of cars which they can then use to lay railroad tracks in North America (the USA map). The longer the route, the more points they will receive. Extra points go to those who fulfill the requirements of the destination ticket card jobs that require you to connect certain cities and to the player who builds the longest continuous route.
2 to 5 players.
Ages 8 and older.
Game time is 30-60 minutes.
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Board Game “Party In Bed” To Purchase At A Price Of 1800.00 In The Company Of Favorite Gifts

an Original gift for your loved one – game party in bed. Also a Board game party in bed will be a cool gift for a wedding,as it is a game for lovers. You can buy party in bed in our gift shop.
Games for adults “Party in bed” is a great way to diversify your sex life. Adult erotic game give it new meaning and relevance. This game is a party in the bed consists of a plurality of cards (240) with a variety of tasks and recommendations for action (from harmless to very spicy) that just will not let you get bored in bed with your partner. Role playing games for adults is a great way to diversify leisure unpredictable love games with his second half. It’s a beautiful gift from the beloved to the beloved, from a husband to his wife. Give pati in bed to friends and family and get them thanks for such a useful and original gift.

7 Континент Настольная Игра

the Game is “Party in bed” – unpredictable fun for two. The set includes 240 cards, divided into 6 types, a feather, a stocking, tie, and detailed instructions for use.

There is a Proper Technique to Speak about Europa Universalis 4 Настольная Игра And There’s Another Means…

Cards are divided into the following categories:
cards for kisses
– cards with questions
cards for caresses
cards for role play
cards for decisive action in bed
– cards with catchy phrases

Here are some examples of cards:

Kiss me:
I want to catch my lips and leave for 10 kisses. I’m going to resist. I reject this head and turns away. If, despite this, you can do this 10 times to leave your kiss on my lips, I’ll let you kiss me anywhere. Choose!

Настольная Игра 3d Змеи И Лестницы

Ask me:
Pretend you anxious, and ask your partner the question: How do you rate yourself in bed on a ten point scale?

Expose my back. Take in the mouth of the feather and lead them from neck to…to the coccyx. You my bird! Now massage my spine from top to bottom. You kiss me in the waist, and then firmly and strongly run your tongue along the whole spine. How unexpected. By the way, tongues heal quickly.